Monday, 31 March 2008


Celebrate with me! This is my 100th blog post. I can't treat you to champagne or anything else, really, but you can do as I do, dance around shouting on top of your lungs to celebrate. Or anything else if you prefer that. At least if you want to celebrate.

Anyway, you know this image people have of lesbian couples, that kind of butch-femme thing, where one is a short haired very male woman and the other one is extremely feminine. The reality is very different, I can tell you. I do love skirts, that is true but very feminine, I am sure some would not think so. And Felicia is far from being very manly. There is no doubt about who is wearing the trousers in our household but she is not like that at all. And I know how silly this is but I couldn't resist it. She wears the trousers although she often wears a dress...chuckles.

This leads to the rest of this blog. When I said she wears the trousers I sort of meant that there is no doubt who is in charge. She made this very clear yesterday. I can tell you that the heading on the last blog post would be quite suitable for this one too.

I stayed at home yesterday. Sunday is a typical stay at home day. Felicia was not at home, she had to work on her research...hmpf!! So it was just me and Bananas and although she is lovely she isn't very useful in conversations.

Around three o'clock Felicia called on the phone and I could tell she was in a very peculiar mood. I don't know why but maybe she was fed up with her work or having to work on a Sunday or something. Anyway, she asked how I was and chatted for a bit. Then she, out of the blue, told me to take all my clothes off. Just like that. I don't know what I said but something along the lines of 'don't be silly!' or 'why on earth should I do that?' She was persistent and Miranda knows when her friend is in commanding mood.

Yes, Miranda stripped off her clothes, there and then and continued talking over the phone. No, there was no silly phone sex thing that followed. She told me to go on with cleaning the flat (as if I had even started) but I was not to put my clothes back on. She told me to make dinner too (as if she needed to tell me, I always cook for us when she is away like that). Then she said she wasn't to come home for at least two hours.

It's not that bad being naked in your own flat, really, but when you are cleaning and preparing a dinner it feels a little more strange. And there is this dread that someone will call at the door and you will have to decide whether to disobey your friend or open the door in the nude.

It puts you in a certain mood, I can tell you, cleaning your flat in the buff. Makes you think all sorts of strange thoughts, like you are this meek and naked servant or even a slave or something like that.

Miranda was, as you can imagine, in a very strange mood when red haired girlfriend came home, not two, but three hours later. And if you manage to forget or disregard being naked while you are alone, the enthusiastic smile on partner's face makes you very aware.

I cooked for her but was not allowed any clothings. She sat down in front of the telly like some sheik of the harem and let me do all the work. She even entered the kitchen while I was busy doing something very important cooking and 'accidentally' happened to put her hands on her meek servant.

So Miranda's mood was even stranger as she sat down to eat. It was not easy, really, to concentrate on the food. All sorts of strange thoughts entered her head.

I know what you think! You think that Felicia got out her hairbrush and smacked Miranda's bottom. No such luck. No spanking this evening. But no clothes either for Miranda. And girlfriend's hands had easy access to her and that was both frustrating and very nice.

We had a very nice time later on, I can tell you, though

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