Friday, 21 March 2008

Red Cheeks

Oh, dear! Another race on Sunday and Hamilton will win and Felicia will get another six of the best. But I will have to tell you that this bet does not prevent my dear friend from smacking Miranda's bottom. Far from it. In fact, I got quite a dose of the hairbrush yesterday.

It was an ordinary evening and I think Felicia thought that it had been long enough for Miranda without a spanking so she got the hairbrush and I couldn't say no. You know me.

Felicia is not a vengeful girl so you should not think she was getting back at me for winning our racing bet, last Sunday. I think she just felt for it.

So, there I was, over her knee, knickers down and got myself a real good spanking. She does have a knack for this. Not that she always smacks hard but she has a certain flair in her action. Anyway, it didn't take long for Miranda to feel a certain discomfort. Not that it stopped her dear friend Felicia from smacking away at her bottom.

To be honest, it was quite a lengthy spanking and my bottom was, well, quite hot afterwards. I even shed some tears and when I do that, it means the spanking has been a good one.

She gave me a great big hug, afterwards, the sweetest and softest hug imaginable and I felt, there and then, that it had been a very long time (not for hugs but for spankings). I said she spanked me just because she felt for it, truth is, I think I felt for it too.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet, I like that she spanks 'just because' and of course the cuddles after are wonderful.

Happy Easter Hugs

Anonymous said...

well we both knewit was coming, it had been a while

Anonymous said...

KLSE: Ooh Miranda...Lew was only fifth in Sepang! Do you know they use the rattan in Malaysia...ooh MIranda!

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, she is a determined woman and she doesn't need an excuse...but you know me...I like that...smiles.

Dear Anonymous, yes, it had been a while.

Dear KLSE, don't give her ideas...she enjoys this enough as it is!...Giggles.