Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Formula One Challenge

Now it is here again, the new season of fast cars, gorgeous drivers and interesting challenges. If any of you by any chance have read my blog you know what the challenge is.

To explain for the one not in the know: Miranda is a fan of Lewis Hamilton, the gorgeous new racing driver. Well, he isn't new any more but he was, last year. Miranda wants Hamilton to win and he almost did last year.

But what is the challenge? To make things more exciting, Miranda and her red haired stunner girlfriend decided that there is a ongoing bet. This means that if Miranda's favourite racing driver doesn't win her friend, Felicia, gets to spank Miranda. Not that Felicia need any excuse to spank me but the bet is like that. In addition to this, and now it is getting exciting, if Lewis Hamilton wins a race, then Miranda gets to smack Felicia's bottom. And this year it will be six of the best with the new bath brush.

We are both looking forward to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on Sunday. And you can be sure that there will be a very sore red haired girl this weekend because Lewis Hamilton will win.


Anonymous said...

Oh this does sound fun. Always a good idea to bring sport into the spanking arena at least that is what I am realising.

Go, Lewis Hamilton, but of course if Mark Webber (sorry haven't kept up) is still in we would want him to win too. And, he should certainly win when in Melbourne!


Anonymous said...

CMH: Lucky Miranda that Lewis "Hertfordshire Lad" Hamilton is on (the) pole for tomorrow's race. Look out Felicia! As for Mina, I know she's a Strayan but really she is looking the wrong way in the Red Bull Team. Mark Webber can come second in Melbourne as a favour: ALL PRAISE TO DAVID COULTHARD. Hmm, maybe the Lassie and the Sheila in our house might look into some betting of our own. Team-mates in Red Bull and house-mates (House Mates) in Hertfordshire: hurt-for-she-ire. Hmm I like the way you think Miranda.

Anonymous said...

CMH: Well done Lewis and well done Miranda. Felicia's gonna get it, Felicia's gonna get it! ;-)

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, you could expand this. Cricket for example, runs may be exchanged for spanks, although something nicer than a bathbrush should be used, I think. Football, on the other hand, there you would have to exchange the scores for something really nasty...perhaps the dreaded crop.

Dear CMH, and he won!! That is great. Yes and Felicia got it. Read the next blog post! Smiles!!