Monday, 17 March 2008

Merry Melbourne

We heard it on the radio, already in the morning. Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix. You know why this may cheer me up so. Felicia was not as chuffed as I was, I can tell you.

Anyway, she suggested we should get it over with as soon as possible but I suggested we should wait until we had watched the race on tv in the afternoon. Felicia had to accept that...grins.

So we sat there and watched the race and saw Hamilton dominate the day from the start till the finish. A great driver, that is what he is and Miranda was pleased she had backed the right horse, if you allow me the expression.

After the race it was time for six of the best for Felicia. I scampered off to get the bathbrush. And to be true, Felicia looked a little concerned when I returned. I almost felt sorry for her. Note that I said 'almost!'

Felicia was quite meek as she knelt on the chair, the dear old chair. This chair has seen Miranda kneel many times to receive some bad spankings. This time it was Felicia's turn.

Felicia pointed out that there was nothing in the bet that said that she had to receive her dose on the bare but Miranda was persistent. She insisted and at last, Felicia, admitted defeat and down came her trousers and down came her knickers.

That bathbrush can really pack a punch. I could see she should I put it...affected. Miranda almost felt mean. She refused to give in to that weakness and embraced the joy of it.

Felicia got her six and when I was done I could see a certain change in colour in her bottom. Six of the best is not that many, one may say but they were fun.

Anyway, there is nothing that would stop Felicia from smacking my bottom everyday this week. That is not part of the bet but she had the decency to avoid any Miranda's bottom smacking Sunday evening.

There is another race on for next weekend, Malaysian Grand Prix. The bet is still on. I am looking forward to it.


wilhelmina said...

Hehe, being 'down under' I knew the result and knew Felicia was in for some 'medicine'.

Sounds like fun...but where was Mark Webber. :(


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Please remember that she will get her revenge and you may be on the receiving end of that bath brush!!

Good luck next week!

S. in Dallas

Anonymous said...

KLSE: Well done Miranda, you have picked a winner there. Good luck for Sunday in Sepang, and Happy Easter in England too!


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, yes, she got it...giggles...but, to be honest, I don't think she minds that much.

Dear S, I am sure she will get plenty of opportunities...chuckles.

Dear Kirsten, I am trusting gorgeous Lewis Hamilton to win the race for me...Happy Easter to you too...and everyone else, of course...smiles.