Friday, 19 August 2011


We're back. It's been a strange time, a visit to parents, home to work a couple of day, then a week there, some more work, then a little bit of holiday there. The real downside has been that there has been no time for spankings. And some were needed. Since my last blogpost, Hamilton has won once and had three fourth places.

It was not until last weekend we had time to deal with this imbalance. Red haired friend insisted on taking them in the right order. That meant I got one on Saturday.

She had missed it. I could tell. She really relished it, enjoying every second of it. No restraints but she wasn't harsh, rather took her time. It was great, I had really missed it. She decided on the hairbrush but kept on for some time. I was quite sore afterwards, but happy.

Then another on Sunday. This time she took the bath brush and the hairbrush and did a pretty good job. Not that she was brutal, this time either, but on a tender know what I mean.

Then it was my turn. And some of you would think that two spankings would make me be rather harsh with her. It had the opposite effect. She was annoyed with me for being so meek.

My third spanking was due on Monday, and she took it on her to inspect my bottom when I got home from work. It was a very matter of factly affair. She sat down and had me take my knickers down and lift my skirt so she could inspect me. She decided to postpone it to Tuesday, when the same procedure repeated itself.

Anyway, I got the last racing spanking on Tuesday, and this time she was a little stricter, which was a little hard, since my skin was still affected. Anyway, we got through this too.

This is short and sketchy, but I just wanted to update you and let you know I am back. Take care.