Friday, 28 September 2007

Lucky Me!!

Felicia came home yesterday in a very strange mood. She was given food. I tend to do that when she is stressed out. Makes her happier on the whole. Come to think of it, she is very much like Bananas (the cat), in that sense. Maybe I am living with two individuals who appreciate me most for my ability to feed them. I do hope that Felicia, at least, can see some other qualities in me.

Anyway, she looked at me with something that can only be described as a vicious smile and said that she wanted to spank someone.

'Ask the cat,' I said and thought that she would appreciate my wit.

She didn't really, and promptly told me the cat was too small and furry. She wanted to spank something smooth and vibrating.

Those of you who have read my blog gets that the last remark refers to something Felicia said in one of her few entries in this blog.

Her desire was clear enough so Miranda had to volunteer her smooth and vibrating backside to her friend. Well, it was not vibrating at that moment in time but Felicia soon made it vibrate and wriggle to her hearts desire.

Well, you know the drill, skirt up, knickers down, over the knee, hairbrush in hand and then smack, smack. It is amazing how you seem to forget how it feels to be smacked like that. It always comes as a surprise to me that it really hurts.

We where giggling like school kids afterwards and we knew then that this had been long overdue. I am not sure the spanking as such was the thing but that we did something together, with each other. I do love my very own stunner and her stinging hairbrush.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


I think it is unfair when your most beloved red haired friend is too busy to smack your bottom. The cat is no good and it is not, simply, the same. I want Felicia to smack my bottom.

I had great hoped for this weekend. Come weekend and Felicia had to stay at her department and work. How horrible is that? Miranda was not in the mood to go somewhere and do anything so she stayed home with the cat and her unsmacked bottom. And watched rugby. Rugby is fun, sweaty men who crawl around in big heaps. Too many rugby matches is boring.

Anyway, come weekdays but no more time to smack Tiny Miranda's bottom. No time for any kind of fun. I am glad that the red haired woman has time to sleep in my bed but Miranda wants more.

The clever ones of you will have spotted my plan. If I write in my blog about how unfair Felicia is to me then she will think that is a spankable offence.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Spankingfree Zone

No action reported on this blog this week. And that is because there hasn't been much of that sort, of lately. It is true that Lewis Hamilton did not win The Belgian Grand Prix but we agreed that Alonso's move in the first corner was so mean that this race doesn't count. In fact, we were so angry that we decided to go to Japan next weekend, equipped with some really nasty thingies, to spank the living daylight out of Fernando Alonso.

Of course we have no money for that and I am quite sure they would never let us near him, not with thingies with us, anyway...sigh. So we have to do with sitting here planning the whole thing.

Well the bottom line (no pun intended) is that Miranda's bottom is unspanked and quite well actually, although the rest of her feels a little unattended to. I have my hopes up for this coming weekend though. I could do with some naughtiness, right now.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Knickers, Some More

Someone asked me if I prefer to lower my knickers myself or have them lowered by the one spanking me. A great question and one that you most likely only find on blogs concerned with spanking. Anyway, it made me think. It is an important question and not easy to answer. Here it goes, though. I will give it a try.

When Felicia and I started with spankings, a long, long time ago. We were, really just playing with it, giggling like mad, thinking that we were really naughty. It was most often Felicia who did the smacking and poor Miranda's bottom receiving it. We were really shy then and of course she smacked me only on my skirt. It was naughty enough for us.

You know how it is, practice makes perfect or at least bolder. When she tried a hairbrush out she once flipped my skirt up and spanked me on my knickers. I was outraged and humiliated. Mostly because she was looking at my knickers, not so much because it hurt more. Naughtiness feeds naughtiness and soon that was part of it, the flipping up of Miranda's skirt. The reasoning was that spankings are supposed to be bad and if Miranda is embarrassed then it can be seen as a good thing. My friend can be very persuasive at times.

The day came when she thought it was not enough just to smack my knickerclad bottom. I can tell you she surprised me. I remember it clearly. It is not much to say, really, she just grabbed my knickers and tugged them down. Miranda was very, very irate and ashamed and protested and it took some reasoning to make her accept the logic of it. Spanking on the bare is humiliating and that is bad and being bad is what spankings are all about. Anyway, that was my first knickers down spanking.

Then came this idea that I was to prepare myself for the spanking, that being a part of it. This adds some sensations to it. I have to help in the making bad for myself. So quite often I had to lower my knickers myself. This is the way it most often is done in our household now. And I am not as concerned any more. It is not as overwhelming nowadays.

Still Felicia likes to pull them down from time to time. She likes the sensation of undressing me and baring me for the spanking. I like that too. There is something with that, to let her be completely in charge of it all.

This was not an answer, really. I prefer them both although I am most used to do it myself. Both varieties have something that speaks for them. Being stripped by the spanker is, kind of, exciting but preparing yourself, being humble and obedient and doing it yourself is also quite...exciting. Enough of this now. If you look at the knickers in the image above you may, just may, see that they actually say 'spank'.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Marc Bolan

It was a sad day yesterday and it wasn't about sports. Yesterday it was thirty years since Marc Bolan, the star behind T-Rex died in a car crash. He was such a great man. I love his music. Such beautiful lyrics, such tunes. He was, truly the greatest. I know I become silly but I do admire him.

There was something about how he managed to capture that sense of fascination, excitement about being alive. He made it seem so beautiful to just exist. He knew the magic of the world and expressed it in his music. He was such a genius.

It was not a bad thing that he was gorgeous as well. He was a brilliant performer, good guitarist and singer. Of course he wasn't perfect, who is? But he was great, truly great.

It was a sad day, that day in September, many years ago when he died, so suddenly.

Friday, 14 September 2007


Looking at my tag cloud (to the right, some distance down on the page) I saw that besides words like 'Felicia' and 'Miranda' and 'train' (for some odd reason) there is 'knickers'. I am not really surprised, there is a lot of talk about knickers in my blog, 'skirts up and knickers down' and such things. What surprises me is that when I look at my own tags (above the tag cloud), there is only one (!) entry that is tagged with 'knickers'.

To remedy this discrepancy I decided to make a blog entry about knickers. So when you read this there will be at least two entries tagged with knickers.

What can I say about knickers? Mericans call it panties and that is what most people say here in UK as well. I still keep to the word knickers. It is a good word. It is good to have knickers when you are wearing a skirt. And trousers, of course. It is, generally good to have knickers when you are among people.

But I bet it was not that you wanted to hear when you saw this post was about knickers. Many men are preoccupied with knickers. And many women too. Like me for example. I like knickers although I am not a girl that run around in sexy lace knickers or revealing string ones. I prefer good old cotton ones that are comfortable. I don't mind pink ones or girly ones but I am a rather conservative knickers user.

That which can be interesting about knickers is the time when you don't have them or take them off. You see, I am homing in on the things you are reading this blog for. I said that it is good to have knickers when you are wearing a skirt and perhaps that is the reason I am so embarrassed when someone in our household forbids me to wear them. Miranda has to admit that this embarrassment is associated with a certain excitement but you know that by now.

Another time when the lack of knickers can be quite interesting or exciting is when you are going to be spanked. Yes, of course, but you knew I was going there, weren't you? Anyway, it is something very special with that 'knickers down' that I so often write in my blog. In some way I think that is the most exciting part of it all, baring my bottom for the spanking. I write it very casually but the whole business is quite charged. Maybe I will make a blog entry about just that, the lowering of knickers.

I will stop now and hope you are not too bored by this rant. At least it will make the count of blog entries about knickers higher. I will have to return to this topic again. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the lovely picture of a pair of knickers that I chose to illustrate the blog post with. Take care!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Glamour Girl

Alright, technically it was lying to claim that it was me in the picture but I didn't believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe me. Felicia said it didn't matter if anyone believed it or not. Miranda had told a lie and that is bad. Lying is even a spankable offence.

I know she only that said to get an excuse but I couldn't really argue with her. Anyway, this horrible crime called for some severe punishment, according to Felicia and so she brought out the belt. The belt is very evil. We both think that, Miranda and her bottom.

Belt is not good for lying in Felicia's lap so Tiny Miranda had to kneel on the chair. Before kneeling she had to remove her skirt. Kneeling doesn't go well with the ordinary and simple flipping up of skirts so taking it off was necessary. Furthermore this poor girl had to take down her knickers 'to make the belt sting,' as someone put it. It wasn't me and the cat can't really articulate long phrases so you have to guess who it was.

Flat things like hairbrushes even out the force while belts and other similar things concentrate it to a very small area. The belt is not that heavy but in skilled hands it can be quite bad.

Did I say, earlier that I want a spanking to hurt? While Felicia was teaching me the downside of being a little careless with the truth I regretted ever writing that.

When she was done she smiled a sweet smile and kissed my burning bottom very gently and all of a sudden I thought that perhaps she had a point, really, about sticking to the truth.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Italian Grand Prix

No, no, no, not again. Lewis Hamilton didn't win. And my poor, poor bottom had to suffer for it. Felicia was very satisfied as we followed the race yesterday. As Alonso crossed the finishing line ahead of Lewis Hamilton she turned to me with an evil grin and said: 'You're in for a thrashing.'

If you don't know it, my girlfriend Felicia and I have an ongoing bet that says that if Lewis Hamilton wins a F1 race I get to spank her, otherwise she gets to spank poor me.

I pleaded with her, argued but to no avail. Well, a little actually. She admitted that Hamilton's overtaking of Raikkonen was brilliant and she told me she would only use her hand and not the dreaded hairbrush.

Felicia's hand can sting, I can tell you that. And especially if she thinks that such a mild implement (can the hand be called an implement, really?) calls for a lengthy spanking.

Felicia wouldn't be who she is if she didn't thoroughly enjoy spanking poor Miranda. She enjoyed it, no doubt about that. Poor Miranda was very meek and very sore when she was done.

My hope now is that Lewis Hamilton will win the whole thing. That would call for some severe thrashing of Felicia's bottom, don't you think?

Anyway, I decided to illustrate this post with a picture of me and Lewis Hamilton. Don't you think I look glamorous?

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Have you ever travelled by train in the UK? Then perhaps, you have seen the station master, or whatever he is called, the person (not necessarily a man, come to think of it) who waves to the engineer and tells them that it is ok to leave the station. Have you then seen that this person often holds in their hand a strange object. It looks like a gigantic, thick plastic spoon but it is completely flat. I don't know if they really use it but I suppose the general idea is that it is a sign that they use to wave to the driver of the train. They used to have flags but nowadays you often see that big object with a long handle (half a metre or so) and a flat head.

What is this about? Has Miranda, finally, gone mad? No change in that department. The idea about this rant about long objects with handles is that it struck me (pun intended) that this sign thing object would be very suitable for spanking. And what great force you would get it you would use it on a poor girl's mine. Ouch! Double ouch with knobs on!!

Often when I go by train and see someone wielding such a sign I get these strange fantasies about me sitting on a train, discovering that I have no ticket and being led from the train at some small, obscure station in the countryside only to be smacked by the station master and his big sign. He is (it is a he in my fantasies) sitting on the platform as the train leaves with me over his knees, skirt up and knickers down and smacking the living daylight out of me.

I know I am strange. But it is often such silly things that starts a train of thought (another pun intended) that makes my cheeks red with embarrassment. Anyway, that kind of blush can be quite exciting too. You know what I mean.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Spankings Hurt

Domestic discipline is a strange expression and funny too. To me it sounds very old fashioned. I see old time house wives being spanked by their stern husbands who are very dominant and harsh men. In the world of kink it has a different meaning and I don't - honestly I don't - want to upset people into this. I am more than happy for them to define their roles and live according to them. It is a huge area and I know, absolutely, nothing about it so forgive me for my little rant. I do respect you all good people whatever way you live your life as long as you both (or you all) agree on it.

It is just that it would be strange for Felicia, Bananas and me to live in such a relationship. Firstly, we are not very domestic and secondly, not very disciplined. It wouldn't work if Felicia were to decide everything and I would to obey. We are far too opinionated, both of us. Well, to be honest, all three of us. When I think about it I think that the cat is the most opinionated of us all.

So where does this spanking fit into our lives? That is a good question. Tiny Miranda has become a very independent young woman who does not want to be trampled on or ordered around. But there is one exception and that is her lovely girl friend Felicia. When Felicia tells Miranda there is going to be spanking then Miranda obeys. I do trust her, my red haired stunner. This means I let her decide about certain things and those certain things concern my poor backside. It is not as straight forward but Felicia has also been given the right to decide about how Miranda dresses, especially about her knickers.

This rant is leading up to this Friday's events. Felicia told Miranda there would be some spanking in the household. Knowing that Felicia might want to show Miranda that all spankings are not nice and cosy the latter felt a little worried. She also found that her cheeks had become very red.

'Go get the ruler!' Felicia said to me and then I knew she was, indeed, intent on showing that spankings are bad things. Strange how something that we have done many times before suddenly feels very new and a little scary.

I got the ruler and Felicia sat down in the chair and in that moment I felt that spanking may not be such a brilliant idea after all. But you know me, I can be very determined when I want to, so soon I was lying in her lap, skirt up, knickers down.

She started with her hand and everything was quite nice, some slaps and some nice warmth spreading. I felt calmer. Felicia has some experience of this and almost all of it is gained treating my poor bottom. She showed how skilled she is when she took up the ruler. She started very slowly with some very light taps and I felt safer again.

Then she started in earnest. She brought the ruler down with some force and the sting was considerable. The ruler is not heavy but it has some kind of evil sting that Felicia knows I am very sensitive too. This knowledge was not something that brought out any compassion though. No, Felicia smacked me for quite a while and I soon thought about how bad spankings are.

Then she continued and continued and continued. She never stopped. She smacked and smacked and smacked. It was bad, really, really bad and soon Miranda was squirming and crying. It is something very liberating in crying even if it does not really diminish the pain.

Well my spanking came to an end and Felicia held me in her arms and I cried at her shoulder. The thing with being held by Felicia like that is that a lot of other sensations starts to show up. It is like being smacked like that really blows away a lot of thoughts and I feel things more clearly without a lot of thinking. What I felt then and there was that Felicia is, indeed, very sweet and soft and lovely and that the heat in my newly spanked bottom seemed to spread through my body and activate another kind of heat.

I don't need to be spanked to realise how nice it is to be with my girl friend but it is, without doubt one way of focussing my mind. was very nice. And I have no doubt now, that spankings hurt. But this is how weird I am, I want them to hurt.