Friday, 21 September 2007

Spankingfree Zone

No action reported on this blog this week. And that is because there hasn't been much of that sort, of lately. It is true that Lewis Hamilton did not win The Belgian Grand Prix but we agreed that Alonso's move in the first corner was so mean that this race doesn't count. In fact, we were so angry that we decided to go to Japan next weekend, equipped with some really nasty thingies, to spank the living daylight out of Fernando Alonso.

Of course we have no money for that and I am quite sure they would never let us near him, not with thingies with us, anyway...sigh. So we have to do with sitting here planning the whole thing.

Well the bottom line (no pun intended) is that Miranda's bottom is unspanked and quite well actually, although the rest of her feels a little unattended to. I have my hopes up for this coming weekend though. I could do with some naughtiness, right now.

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