Monday, 17 September 2007

Marc Bolan

It was a sad day yesterday and it wasn't about sports. Yesterday it was thirty years since Marc Bolan, the star behind T-Rex died in a car crash. He was such a great man. I love his music. Such beautiful lyrics, such tunes. He was, truly the greatest. I know I become silly but I do admire him.

There was something about how he managed to capture that sense of fascination, excitement about being alive. He made it seem so beautiful to just exist. He knew the magic of the world and expressed it in his music. He was such a genius.

It was not a bad thing that he was gorgeous as well. He was a brilliant performer, good guitarist and singer. Of course he wasn't perfect, who is? But he was great, truly great.

It was a sad day, that day in September, many years ago when he died, so suddenly.

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