Thursday, 14 June 2007

Felicia Speaks

Miranda can be sloppy at times, forgetting to blog and such. What can you do? Well, one thing for a start. I know you are thinking the same thing. I should spank her for being sloppy. What a brilliant idea!!

Anyway, I lost our bet Sunday afternoon and had to take six of the best on my naked behind. Very bad. Firstly, we didn't talk of any baring of said behind and secondly, it is I who do the spanking in this household. To be fair, I lost the bet so I can't really complain and Miranda is too kind to really be bad to me.

Being a little vexed at losing the bet I felt it not right to spank Miranda right away. She had to wait. She had to wait until yesterday and she was not happy. I felt she was in a bad mood, bored with her boring library (she should, really, do something more interesting) and generally frustrated coming home Wednesday evening.

So I was kind enough to suggest a spanking. Miranda was not in the mood and did not think it was such a good idea. The thing is that I know her and thought that she would change her mind if I stood firm. I did and told her to come over, right away.

Soon I had Miranda's lovely bottom on my lap, skirt up and knickers down. You know, the best way, really. And hairbrush in hand.

She has a very lovely bottom, round and very firm, I must say. She is not a very wobbly person. No, Miranda, rather vibrates, if you know what I am saying.

Well, I started to smack her round, lovely, vibrating bottom. It is something very helpless and vulnerable with a lovely bottom like that. It is almost a pity to smack it. But I can't resist it.

I smacked for quite a while, I don't know why I smacked for so long, really. The truth is that it was fun and I didn't want to stop.

When her bottom had changed colour, from white to red she was sobbing a little and I felt I was done. I don't know, but I almost felt a little guilty, indulging in my wish to spank her like that.

But Miranda is really a strange creature. She has always been and I love her for it. She looked at me and gave me the sweetest and softest hug imaginable. She kissed me and was really a changed person.

I have been through this before but it amazes me what a spanking can do for her. And even more strange is that she seems most happy when I have been a little naughty and smacked her a little too long or have tried some new and nasty thingy on her.

Anyway, I don't want to be too personal about Miranda and expose her too much but it felt good to describe our evening. She is such a sweet girl and I am privileged to know her and love her.

Well, the bet is still on for the next race so now it is in the hands of some very competitive and gorgeous racing drivers whose bottom will be tanned on Sunday. Now I will think of how to punish Miranda's sloppiness.


Dave said...

hmm mm what a lovely post. This is such a personal, erotic yet tasteful and elegantly written blog.

I hope you each are keeping each other in line--and behaving...


Miranda said...

Thank you. I like 'tasteful and elegantly written'. It makes me proud.

And it is more Felicia keeping me in line and behaving than the other way round, smiles.

And it is me, Miranda, replying to this comment.


Miranda said...

Yes, to clarify. I am proud of Felicia. She won't like me saying this in public but I am.