Friday, 14 September 2007


Looking at my tag cloud (to the right, some distance down on the page) I saw that besides words like 'Felicia' and 'Miranda' and 'train' (for some odd reason) there is 'knickers'. I am not really surprised, there is a lot of talk about knickers in my blog, 'skirts up and knickers down' and such things. What surprises me is that when I look at my own tags (above the tag cloud), there is only one (!) entry that is tagged with 'knickers'.

To remedy this discrepancy I decided to make a blog entry about knickers. So when you read this there will be at least two entries tagged with knickers.

What can I say about knickers? Mericans call it panties and that is what most people say here in UK as well. I still keep to the word knickers. It is a good word. It is good to have knickers when you are wearing a skirt. And trousers, of course. It is, generally good to have knickers when you are among people.

But I bet it was not that you wanted to hear when you saw this post was about knickers. Many men are preoccupied with knickers. And many women too. Like me for example. I like knickers although I am not a girl that run around in sexy lace knickers or revealing string ones. I prefer good old cotton ones that are comfortable. I don't mind pink ones or girly ones but I am a rather conservative knickers user.

That which can be interesting about knickers is the time when you don't have them or take them off. You see, I am homing in on the things you are reading this blog for. I said that it is good to have knickers when you are wearing a skirt and perhaps that is the reason I am so embarrassed when someone in our household forbids me to wear them. Miranda has to admit that this embarrassment is associated with a certain excitement but you know that by now.

Another time when the lack of knickers can be quite interesting or exciting is when you are going to be spanked. Yes, of course, but you knew I was going there, weren't you? Anyway, it is something very special with that 'knickers down' that I so often write in my blog. In some way I think that is the most exciting part of it all, baring my bottom for the spanking. I write it very casually but the whole business is quite charged. Maybe I will make a blog entry about just that, the lowering of knickers.

I will stop now and hope you are not too bored by this rant. At least it will make the count of blog entries about knickers higher. I will have to return to this topic again. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the lovely picture of a pair of knickers that I chose to illustrate the blog post with. Take care!

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Alyx said...

Mmm, a lovely entry. And yes, "charged" is a good word for the lowering of knickers. *smile* Do you enjoy being made to take them down yourself, or do you prefer to have someone take them down for you?

I love sliding down a woman's knickers sloooowly when she is over my knee. The gradual baring of her bottom is like the curtain rising in the theater...a sense of anticipation for the enjoyable entertainment to, er...come. *vbg*

I definitely think you should do a blog entry about that subject -- it deserves its own detailed description.