Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Glamour Girl

Alright, technically it was lying to claim that it was me in the picture but I didn't believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe me. Felicia said it didn't matter if anyone believed it or not. Miranda had told a lie and that is bad. Lying is even a spankable offence.

I know she only that said to get an excuse but I couldn't really argue with her. Anyway, this horrible crime called for some severe punishment, according to Felicia and so she brought out the belt. The belt is very evil. We both think that, Miranda and her bottom.

Belt is not good for lying in Felicia's lap so Tiny Miranda had to kneel on the chair. Before kneeling she had to remove her skirt. Kneeling doesn't go well with the ordinary and simple flipping up of skirts so taking it off was necessary. Furthermore this poor girl had to take down her knickers 'to make the belt sting,' as someone put it. It wasn't me and the cat can't really articulate long phrases so you have to guess who it was.

Flat things like hairbrushes even out the force while belts and other similar things concentrate it to a very small area. The belt is not that heavy but in skilled hands it can be quite bad.

Did I say, earlier that I want a spanking to hurt? While Felicia was teaching me the downside of being a little careless with the truth I regretted ever writing that.

When she was done she smiled a sweet smile and kissed my burning bottom very gently and all of a sudden I thought that perhaps she had a point, really, about sticking to the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I see that Felicia had taken to heart my comment about your fibbing. Can't say that I blame her, really. Lying IS certainly a spankable offence! *nodding*

A belt is a good implement for addressing that bad habit. But if I could offer a comment, with a short leather strap she could achieve that lovely sting while still keeping her naughty grrl balanced over her knee.

No, no need to thank me. I'm glad to help. *smile*