Monday, 11 June 2012

I Deserve a Spanking

...I really do. I haven't written anything on the blog for ages. There are no really good excuses, although we have moved house, had some tragic things happen in our families, and we've been generally preoccupied with things far removed from anything that suits the blog. We are still together, I love my Felicia more than ever, the cat, Bananas, is still going strong, still grumpy and lovely. My redhead still enjoys smacking my bottom, although the frequency has been frightfully low.

The only thing I can offer you is my sincerest apologies for being so lazy, and offer up my bottom for a severe punishment, which red haired woman has volunteered to dish out on your behalf. There is a risk, though, that I may enjoy it more than I deserve.

Hope you are fine, and happy, if you are still there.

The very reason that I finally got down to writing, was that last Saturday, Felicia commanded me to kneel on our very hard, and unpleasant chair (which came with us to the new place), and she had, furthermore, decided that I should do that without any clothes on. This was, of course, only to make it easier for her to use the belt on me. Not that she used it all over my body, only on my poor bottom, and thighs, but she thought that I should be properly dressed for the occasion.

It had been a while, and I can tell you that spankings tend to become more romantic and nicer the more you think of them, and you tend to forget the harsh reality. It hurt, it really hurt, and Felicia thought we should do this properly, no meekness and sloppiness in the delivering of the lashes. No, she was quite happy to swing the belt after not having done it for several months.

It was great, though. I had forgotten the happiness it brings to me. I was almost crying with some kind of relief afterwards, and red head spanker was moved too. My bottom still smarts, but I am glad we have got back to our old ways again.

Will be slow in writing for a while, but later I will try to write more often. Otherwise Felicia has promised to spank me.