Thursday, 22 May 2008

Good Morning

I hope red haired stunner will not make this a habit. Miranda is not too keen on that. But it was, still, kind of nice. What am I talking about? The Good Morning Spanking I received this morning, of course. You don't know what a Good Morning Spanking is? It should be self evident. It is a spanking you get from someone who says good morning to you.

That is exactly what happened. Felicia was on her way to work and I could stay in bed a little longer. What's wrong with that? Anyway, I fell asleep again while she was rummaging through our flat. So when she came in to say bye she found her very own Miranda snoring away. I don't snore but it sounds nice to put it like that.

What does she do then? Do you think she felt compassion and tip toed out from the bedroom? No, you think wrong. She pulled down the sheet from her poor sleeping girlfriend who didn't realise what was happening. And who didn't really get it even when she was pulling down her pyjama bottoms. I don't usually sleep in pyjamas but I have done that of lately, for some odd reason.

I can tell you that Miranda woke up, startled as red haired girlfriend planted a smack on her bottom. No on can say that Miranda took it with grace. She was soon squealing and trying to wriggle away from the relentless smacking of her bottom that was going on. She wasn't exactly amused when she heard the evil laughter of said red haired girlfriend.

She was a little puzzled when she heard Felicia say something like, 'this will not do.' She put two and two together and realised that a hand was not enough, when the dreaded hairbrush began to fall on her pathetically exposed behind.

Anyway, I got a good spanking and was wide awake as Felicia said goodbye and left. She was chuckling as she left. She thought this a very funny idea. I was less impressed but I have to admit that it was a kind of nice warmth spreading across my bottom. Pink, rather than red, I could see when inspecting it in the mirror.

And it is not such a bed feeling, cycling to work on a newly spanked bottom. Maybe Good Morning Spankings are not such a bad idea, after all.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why Do I Like It?

That is a really a good question and I am not sure I can answer it, not in one blogpost, like this. I will try to say something about it though.

Where to start? I do like to be spanked. This is not easy to admit, really. It hurts and it is not always nice. Some smacking can be quite nice, that is true and sort of makes you warm rather than anything else. Thing is that I like other kinds too, when it hurts and when it is bad.

How can I like being smacked when it really hurts? Yes, I get excited but that is not all. It is not something I endure in order to be aroused. There is this other kind of thrill, that is so hard to express, the one that you sense when your stunner tells you are going to be spanked. You know, deep down, that you allow it yourself, but in that moment she is in charge, she decides it and you have to accept it. There is something fascinating and exciting in bowing to that power, to accept it, and to know that she decides, not you.

Alright, I have to return to being excited. Yes, it is exciting to be told I am going to be spanked. I am a little scared of the pain, that is true but there is something exciting about it all. I have to admit that it is, kind of, arousing to have your own stunner watching you when you prepare and when I say that I mean take down your knickers or take off your clothes and that sort of things. I suppose there is an exhibitionist in me and I like to show off but that can't be the whole truth.

But it can't always be special and sensational. There are a lot of spankings that are quite ordinary. I mean, me in Felicia's lap, skirt up and knickers down and some smack, smack, smack. I like them too and that is not easy to explain. I don't know if they have become part of our life and tell me that she is there with me and for me. That we do this together. That is reassuring. That is a little odd, isn't it?

Now I have to stop and continue thinking about the question, why do I like it?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Losing Again

No win for Hamilton in the race but a good second. This didn't get me off th hook, though. I had to get spanking for losing the bet. Thing is that Felicia thought that Hamilton really did a brilliant job of it and should have deserved to win. She didn't follow this reasoning to the point that she should be smacked by me but she gave me just a few, very light swats.

Miranda was lucky this time. It was a good race, after all. This will not mean that she will be lenient, next time, when Hamilton wins.

Someone coined the expression 'greedy bottom.' And as I understood it, it means you bottom wants to be smacked. I can tell you that Miranda has a greedy bottom. She realised this after the race, Sunday evening. She felt quite disappointed really for not being smacked properly. Life can be hard sometimes.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Smacked Bottom

There should be some kind of rule against red haired girlfriends' reading your blogs, especially if those girlfriends have the right to smack your bottom. I said something, in my last blog post, about keeping my knickers on unless forced to. I can't really say I had to go out without knickers but a certain red haired girlfriend kept Miranda without her knickers for a long time yesterday.

Anyway, it was time for me to get my F1 spanking, so when Felicia got home in the evening she immediately got my hairbrush and ordered me to get over her knee. I had some mixed feelings about that but I knew I had it coming so I wasn't, really, surprised. Anyway, skirt came off and knickers came off. She wanted it that way and Miranda is not disobedient.

Anyone who knows this kind of thing knows that there is a very special thrill you get when you place yourself in the lap of someone you love, who is equipped with a hairbrush. And especially if you aren't wearing that much clothes. You know what is coming and you are scared but also excited. That kind of sensation is very special. And I can't really describe how it feels when that sense of anticipation turns into realisation, or what to call it. That is, when hairbrush starts to smack your bottom.

She kept on for a while but Miranda was in such a state that she rather enjoyed it. That is to simplify things but it was kind of good to be smacked like that.

My bottom was a pretty pink as I got up and went out into the kitchen to cook for us. Naughty girlfriend didn't allow Miranda to put on knickers or skirt. She said she wanted to enjoy the sight of my pink bottom while cooking. She does that only to embarrass me and it works.

Not even when it was time to eat was I allowed to dress. Instead she gave me some more smacks on my already smarting bottom. So there was Miranda eating her dinner on a very bare and very pink bottom.

But she wasn't done with that. No, after dinner we went out into the living room and another trip over the knee. This time it was more unpleasant since my bottom was already a little tender. But Miranda can be resilient and she endured. Can't really explain the sense of pride that goes with enduring something like that.

No skirt or knickers after that either and now Miranda's bottom had started to turn red. Felicia looked at me and smiled her most wicked smile. She really enjoyed this and she looked at my bottom and said it had a nice colour.

Not that Miranda dislike this kind of attention but it was a little cruel. Although I have to admit that it was, rather, nice to have her look at me like that.

I wasn't really prepared to the goodnight spanking that was to follow. Before we went to bed I was taken on another trip across her lap and another go with the brush. Miranda was rather unkeen on this and there were tears. It is, kind of, nice to start crying when it hurts like that.

Don't get me wrong! Don't think Felicia is cruel and brutal with me! I do, really, really, enjoy letting her have her way with me. I want her to do this, making me cry and making me surrender to her. We are just ordinary people, not like I am her slave or anything but it is good to be hers like that, have her smack my bottom till I cry, let her be the boss, completely. That is what I want.

Miranda's bottom was bright red when she went to bed. I am not used to that. I very seldom get bruises and most often my bottom is, well, just pink. But now it was red.

There is a new race on Sunday. Please, please, let Hamilton win it!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Still Waiting

Yes, Miranda is in for a spanking for having her racing hero not winning the last F1 race...sigh. Being away and being busy is bad since Miranda has to wait. She doesn't at all like having to wait for a spanking. It is very...not nice. She gets a little worried when she thinks about it.

Good thing, though, is that red haired spanker promised it would be before next race, which will be on Saturday. Bad thing is that she said it would be something special. Something special usually means a very long spanking or a spanking with some special equipment.

However much I long for some bottom attention right now this talk about 'something special' makes me a little worried.

Anyway, weather is shaping up here in the United Kingdom (at least the part where I am) so today Miranda was tempted to go outside without tights. Oh, scary!! Actually, it was really weather for that sort of frivolities. Miranda will, however, keep her knickers on – unless ordered to go without them.