Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why Do I Like It?

That is a really a good question and I am not sure I can answer it, not in one blogpost, like this. I will try to say something about it though.

Where to start? I do like to be spanked. This is not easy to admit, really. It hurts and it is not always nice. Some smacking can be quite nice, that is true and sort of makes you warm rather than anything else. Thing is that I like other kinds too, when it hurts and when it is bad.

How can I like being smacked when it really hurts? Yes, I get excited but that is not all. It is not something I endure in order to be aroused. There is this other kind of thrill, that is so hard to express, the one that you sense when your stunner tells you are going to be spanked. You know, deep down, that you allow it yourself, but in that moment she is in charge, she decides it and you have to accept it. There is something fascinating and exciting in bowing to that power, to accept it, and to know that she decides, not you.

Alright, I have to return to being excited. Yes, it is exciting to be told I am going to be spanked. I am a little scared of the pain, that is true but there is something exciting about it all. I have to admit that it is, kind of, arousing to have your own stunner watching you when you prepare and when I say that I mean take down your knickers or take off your clothes and that sort of things. I suppose there is an exhibitionist in me and I like to show off but that can't be the whole truth.

But it can't always be special and sensational. There are a lot of spankings that are quite ordinary. I mean, me in Felicia's lap, skirt up and knickers down and some smack, smack, smack. I like them too and that is not easy to explain. I don't know if they have become part of our life and tell me that she is there with me and for me. That we do this together. That is reassuring. That is a little odd, isn't it?

Now I have to stop and continue thinking about the question, why do I like it?


wilhelmina said...

I'm not sure there is a single answer. How about, "because I do" and leave it at that. The odd thing is I find the more I get the more I want. And, when it is hard you wonder next time if you can take it harder, can you hold out from yelling and take it without any fuss. Not me, I yell and scream but that does NOT mean I want it to stop...grins.

We are strange creatures are we not?


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, indeed we are. And it is nice, really nice, to have someone smack your bottom when the need arises...chuckles.