Thursday, 22 May 2008

Good Morning

I hope red haired stunner will not make this a habit. Miranda is not too keen on that. But it was, still, kind of nice. What am I talking about? The Good Morning Spanking I received this morning, of course. You don't know what a Good Morning Spanking is? It should be self evident. It is a spanking you get from someone who says good morning to you.

That is exactly what happened. Felicia was on her way to work and I could stay in bed a little longer. What's wrong with that? Anyway, I fell asleep again while she was rummaging through our flat. So when she came in to say bye she found her very own Miranda snoring away. I don't snore but it sounds nice to put it like that.

What does she do then? Do you think she felt compassion and tip toed out from the bedroom? No, you think wrong. She pulled down the sheet from her poor sleeping girlfriend who didn't realise what was happening. And who didn't really get it even when she was pulling down her pyjama bottoms. I don't usually sleep in pyjamas but I have done that of lately, for some odd reason.

I can tell you that Miranda woke up, startled as red haired girlfriend planted a smack on her bottom. No on can say that Miranda took it with grace. She was soon squealing and trying to wriggle away from the relentless smacking of her bottom that was going on. She wasn't exactly amused when she heard the evil laughter of said red haired girlfriend.

She was a little puzzled when she heard Felicia say something like, 'this will not do.' She put two and two together and realised that a hand was not enough, when the dreaded hairbrush began to fall on her pathetically exposed behind.

Anyway, I got a good spanking and was wide awake as Felicia said goodbye and left. She was chuckling as she left. She thought this a very funny idea. I was less impressed but I have to admit that it was a kind of nice warmth spreading across my bottom. Pink, rather than red, I could see when inspecting it in the mirror.

And it is not such a bed feeling, cycling to work on a newly spanked bottom. Maybe Good Morning Spankings are not such a bad idea, after all.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, not at all. There is something delicious about knowing that under your ordinary clothes there is a very unordinary stinging bottom just out of sight.


Dave said...

Sounds like a good morning spanking is heaps better than the usual alarm clock style of waking up in the a.m.



Jess said...

What a fantastic way to start the morning!

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, but you sort of think that it will shine through your clothes, somehow.

Dear Dave, it surely gets your attention...giggles.

Dear Jess, it was, although a little shocking.