Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Still Waiting

Yes, Miranda is in for a spanking for having her racing hero not winning the last F1 race...sigh. Being away and being busy is bad since Miranda has to wait. She doesn't at all like having to wait for a spanking. It is very...not nice. She gets a little worried when she thinks about it.

Good thing, though, is that red haired spanker promised it would be before next race, which will be on Saturday. Bad thing is that she said it would be something special. Something special usually means a very long spanking or a spanking with some special equipment.

However much I long for some bottom attention right now this talk about 'something special' makes me a little worried.

Anyway, weather is shaping up here in the United Kingdom (at least the part where I am) so today Miranda was tempted to go outside without tights. Oh, scary!! Actually, it was really weather for that sort of frivolities. Miranda will, however, keep her knickers on – unless ordered to go without them.

1 comment:

wilhelmina said...

Oh, waiting for a spanking, the nervous butterflies flitting around your tummy is delicious in itself.

Glad the weather is finally improving for you.