Friday, 29 June 2007

Have Fun!!

Our household is a mess. We are all stressed out and everything is in chaos. We are going away for a while and we are extremely disorganised. Bananas, the cat, will be unhappy having our neighbour caring for her but she doesn't know it yet Felicia is working all the time to meet certain deadlines. I am just...well...disorganised.

We are going away for a while and for various reasons I will not be able to blog much (most likely not at all) until August. I will miss writing but such is life. Hopefully I will have something interesting to tell you when I come back.

This week has been an extremely unnaughty and spankless week and I am, actually, quite frustrated by that. My bum is longing for the attention and I am too.

Obviously I managed to get it wrong in my last blog entry. Someone, kindly, pointed out that it is Scrabble and not Scrabbles. Sloppy Miranda can't spell. We always called it Scrabbles when I was little and I have no idea why. The person pointing this out is, of course, right. It is Scrabble and nothing else. Naughty, naughty Miranda. Maybe I can persuade Felicia that bad spelling is, indeed, a spankable offence.

Ok, end of rant. I won't be blogging for a while and I will miss it and I hope you will miss it too. I will be back and I am already looking forward to it. In the meantime, have fun!!

Monday, 25 June 2007


No F1 racing this weekend and no spanking of Felicia...sigh. I know I am silly but this thing about having a bet is quite fun. Especially if you are winning.

I have started to think about other kinds of games you could play. How about Spanking Trivial Pursuit? When you get a question wrong you get a set number of swats. And if you lose you get another, greater, number of swats.

I would lose, big time. Felicia is a clever girl. Although I know silly things like the Severn tunnel was the longest under water tunnel for a very long time until they built a longer one in the seventies. But I have no idea who directed this or that film or wrote a certain book. I am quite good at geography, though.

Or Scrabbles. You could play spanking Scrabbles. When you place a word you get to spank the other according to the points you get. That is a very good idea. I am good at Scrabbles.

Checkers could be played and you get to spank according to the pawns you knock out. I would lose that, no doubt about it. I am sure Felicia would like that idea. She does not want to play games she risks losing.

Which makes me think of Risk. Do you play Risk? It is a great game. Not very girly but fun. It is something very appealing in the thought of conquering the world. You could be spanked according to how many armies you lose in a battle. What a great idea!!

Sorry, is it very obvious that Miranda has no exciting naughtiness to report? I suppose it is. Felicia was busy all weekend and Miranda was left alone most of the time. Her bottom was very much unattended. I have high hopes for this week, though. Not that spanking is the only thing we need to do when we have been busy. Cuddling and hugging are far more important but if we get time, spanking is seldom far from my mind.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Ruler

'It was a long time since I took the ruler to your poor unprotected bottom.' This is exactly what Felicia said yesterday. Although I am touched by her concern for my poor bottom it was something menacing in her statement. There was something especially frightening in the way she said 'unprotected'.

I was not, really, in the mood for a spanking so I almost said something about it. Then it is not really Miranda to do that. What commitment is it to back down as soon as you don't feel like it?

'You are not serious,' was my witty reply.

'Do I look serious?' she said with a grin on her face that cannot be said to be anything but evil, evil and content.

'No, you don't,' I truthfully answered.

'Look again!' she said still grinning.

'Well, you don't look serious but Mr Ruler in your hand seems to mean business.'

I know Felicia appreciate my wit (honestly, I sometimes even manage to say something funny), although it has never done me any good when it comes to negotiations with rulers and other thingies.

Soon I was kneeling on the dreaded chair, no skirt, pulling down my knickers. Remember, she said, 'unprotected'!

Let Miranda be a little serious for a moment! This is a special moment. Not that I get excited taking down my knickers (well, I do but that is not the point). No it is about the leap of faith it is to let your friend demand such a thing, or rather complying with that demand.

Anyway, there I was, kneeling, knickers down, waiting for a date with Mr Ruler and not feeling too enthusiastic about it.

Mr Ruler has some power over me. He made contact with my poor unprotected bum and Miranda was affected. I actually started to cry. After all, he was very persistent.

I think Felicia knows me better than I do myself. I had been in a bad mood, had a bad day at the library and was generally annoyed and irritated. But after the ruler and a good comforting hug Tiny Miranda was in a completely different mood. I even volunteered to make dinner.

I even disregarded the smug expression on Felicia's face that told me she had got me exactly where she wanted me. I am a kind and loving soul and let her have her victory.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Six of the Best

Go Lewis, go!! I am sorry this is turning into a F1 blog but my hero, Lewis Hamilton, won the USA Grand Prix yesterday and since my bet with Felicia is still on it meant that she lost. If you have read my blog you know that we have this ongoing bet that if Lewis Hamilton wins a F1 race I get to give Felicia six of the best with a riding crop and if he doesn't win...hhmm...then she gets to whack me in a way of her choosing.

Sunday was whipping time for Felicia and this time we had negotiated the circumstances. Six of the best on the bare, that was the deal. Felicia is a girl of principles so there was no protestations as she took off her skirt, knelt on the chair and pulled down her knickers.

I was better prepared this time and took my time. There were no meek blows this time. Miranda did her best and I could feel that Felicia thought so too.

Spanking is really fun. At least when you get over the sense of being mean. I am not truly past that but I enjoy it more and more.

Anyway, Felicia was impressed, she told me. I was, more than anything, proud of it. I do, still, feel, bad about causing her pain but I know I will get it back someday so it is ok.

What made me most proud, in a weird way, was something I saw in her eyes as she climbed down from the chair. There was a tiny flicker of anger in her eyes. This meant that I hadn't been meek and this made me proud.

Don't get me wrong, I hate to make her suffer and I know she was not angry with me. But this sensation, this indication of it made me realise I played the game as it is supposed to be played. And Felicia was proud of me too. She gave me a sweet kiss which led to things I am a little too embarrassed to write about.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Felicia Speaks

Miranda can be sloppy at times, forgetting to blog and such. What can you do? Well, one thing for a start. I know you are thinking the same thing. I should spank her for being sloppy. What a brilliant idea!!

Anyway, I lost our bet Sunday afternoon and had to take six of the best on my naked behind. Very bad. Firstly, we didn't talk of any baring of said behind and secondly, it is I who do the spanking in this household. To be fair, I lost the bet so I can't really complain and Miranda is too kind to really be bad to me.

Being a little vexed at losing the bet I felt it not right to spank Miranda right away. She had to wait. She had to wait until yesterday and she was not happy. I felt she was in a bad mood, bored with her boring library (she should, really, do something more interesting) and generally frustrated coming home Wednesday evening.

So I was kind enough to suggest a spanking. Miranda was not in the mood and did not think it was such a good idea. The thing is that I know her and thought that she would change her mind if I stood firm. I did and told her to come over, right away.

Soon I had Miranda's lovely bottom on my lap, skirt up and knickers down. You know, the best way, really. And hairbrush in hand.

She has a very lovely bottom, round and very firm, I must say. She is not a very wobbly person. No, Miranda, rather vibrates, if you know what I am saying.

Well, I started to smack her round, lovely, vibrating bottom. It is something very helpless and vulnerable with a lovely bottom like that. It is almost a pity to smack it. But I can't resist it.

I smacked for quite a while, I don't know why I smacked for so long, really. The truth is that it was fun and I didn't want to stop.

When her bottom had changed colour, from white to red she was sobbing a little and I felt I was done. I don't know, but I almost felt a little guilty, indulging in my wish to spank her like that.

But Miranda is really a strange creature. She has always been and I love her for it. She looked at me and gave me the sweetest and softest hug imaginable. She kissed me and was really a changed person.

I have been through this before but it amazes me what a spanking can do for her. And even more strange is that she seems most happy when I have been a little naughty and smacked her a little too long or have tried some new and nasty thingy on her.

Anyway, I don't want to be too personal about Miranda and expose her too much but it felt good to describe our evening. She is such a sweet girl and I am privileged to know her and love her.

Well, the bet is still on for the next race so now it is in the hands of some very competitive and gorgeous racing drivers whose bottom will be tanned on Sunday. Now I will think of how to punish Miranda's sloppiness.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Ha, ha, ha...

Felicia and I have this ongoing discussion about Lewis Hamilton, the very young and very handsome racing driver. You didn't know we were into Formula 1..but who can resist men in fast cars?

Anyway, I am a firm believer in Lewis H. winning the whole championship while Felicia is a bit more cautious. Of course we discussed whether he would win the Canada Grand Prix or not.

Felicia was so sure he would not so she volunteered to let me spank her if he did and I accepted her offer. Then followed some hard negotiations that ended in a deal. I was to give Felicia six of the best with the riding crop if Hamilton won and she would be allowed to spank me in whatever way she wanted should he not win.

And you know who won, don't you? Young, gorgeous, Lewis Hamilton won his first Grand Prix and I got to smack Felicia's bottom.

She is a woman of principles so she wouldn't go back on her word but she tried to point out that we had not negotiated her clothing in the deal. She meant that she could very well keep her trousers on while she knelt for six of the best.

In ordinary cases I am a very kind girl but this was a matter of principles and after a while Felicia gave in to reason and unbuttoned her trousers and slipped them down.

The negotiations about her knickers were as fierce as those about the trousers but at last she slipped them down too and was prepared for the riding crop.

Suddenly I was the one who was scared. It felt a little unreal to smack her like that. Anyway, I gathered my senses and gave her the first.

It was a meek one but still her pale skin showed a mark. The second one was a better one and the third a really good one.

Felicia is not a girl prone to crying but she was affected, I could see that and that made me hesitate. Number four and five was not my best but I picked myself up on the last one.

Felicia was uncharacteristically meek afterwards and for a moment I thought that she harbours a spankee deep inside her. She composed herself and actually thanked me for spanking her. I could see in her eyes that from now on Lewis Hamilton had to win every single race, if only to protect my bottom from the revenge.

Friday, 8 June 2007


This has been a busy week. I am busy, Felicia is always busy. The only one who is not busy is Bananas, the cat. She seems always to be relaxed and on top of things. I envy her.

So, accordingly, there have not been much spanking activities. Wednesday saw some quick skirt up, knickers down, over Felicia's knee and a little smack, smack.

This has made me think. However much I love being smacked by Felicia I realise that things have changed. When we started, a long time ago, I was always deadly embarrassed. I was in turmoil before, during and after. It is not the same now.

I am not embarrassed being with Felicia and that is something very good. I am less of the shy girl I used to be. And this is part of Felicia's plan to make me less timid and shy. Believe me, I have come a long way!

You know, there is always this tiny little girl who sits at the back of the classroom saying nothing, doing nothing, not wanting to be seen. That was me. When Felicia entered my life she was considered weird by my classmates. Together with her we became the weird girls. That gave me confidence though and changed my life.

Being embarrassed by the things Felicia did to me was part of the change, part of me being who I am today. There is a thrill in that embarrassment that I like. There are mixed feelings but still there is something.

It is not that a quick spanking with Felicia is not enough it is more that I miss being really embarrassed about it, having butterflies in my stomach, being worried and excited.

There was a little of it when Kate and Fiona visited (I wrote about it earlier) and a little when she makes me go to work with no knickers.

Someone said that I am an exhibitionist. I think that is taking it too far but this has made me think. Part of the thrill and excitement is being a little daring and showing myself. The most thrilling moment preparing for a spanking is slipping down my knickers.

I know it is a lot about knickers in my blog but, maybe, that is how I am.

What is the conclusion of this rant. Perhaps that the thrill of being a little exhibitionistic when being spanked is about being embarrassed about it and that it is exciting being a little embarrassed.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Bikini Day

Friday was pretty normal. We went down the pub with some friends and then home and bed. Nothing much to say, really. No spankings, no naughtiness, no nothing besides some good bitter. I do like a good bitter from time to time. Not very girly but I do.

Come Saturday and lovely hot weather. It was as if the lovely weather awakened the naughtiness within Felicia. She rose like some over enthusiastic squirrel or something, treated me to breakfast in bed and was, generally nice to me. Sleepy Miranda had a smile on her face as she had her tea and toast. But before she could get out of bed Felicia declared that it was Bikini Day today.

That is really as silly as it sounds. It means that I am to wear nothing but a bikini the whole day. I had to ask and Felicia explained this to me. I told her promptly that I was not going shopping today if I was to wear only a bikini. She said that there would be no shopping.

The bikini in question is actually quite lovely. It has a triangle top and tie side bottom, quite small but not too small. And it is red. Still it is like wearing almost nothing.

Of course Felicia was not wearing bikini. Who could think of something that silly? In fact that was stupid because she looks far more lovely in a bikini than I do. Felicia is not very tall but some two inches taller than tiny me. There is one big difference though. Although slim she is more normal when it comes to the bosom department. This means that she would fill out a bikini far better than me.

It is something in a bikini that agrees very well with the female anatomy. It is something nice with a girl in bikini. Even I look good in my little red one. Not good in the bikini model way, no way, but still ok. I am working on accepting my body and I am on my way.

It is not a big deal plodding along at home in a bikini. Still it is a kind of thrill when you look at your best friend and she is wearing jeans and t-shirt while you are...almost naked.

This changed in the afternoon. We went to the park. Not a big deal but it was public and I was in a bikini. Thankfully the weather made it look natural.

I am a prude, I know that. You must all wonder what all the fuzz is about. Nothing strange with wearing a bikini you may say and it isn't, really. I do feel very naked though and Felicia knows that and she wants to make me feel like that.

She told me I looked good. I blush and curtsy. What can a girl do? It is kind of sexy wearing a bikini. I know I am silly but it is and especially when your very special friend look at you.

It is something about sun and being outdoors in a park that makes my imagination run wild. Especially being outdoors and being almost naked. We sat down and I felt like that girl in the painting, that Breakfast on Grass or something where a naked girl sits with some men that are not naked. I wasn't naked but I was more naked than Felicia and that is what counts.

In my mind I was naked and everyone could see me and I was both embarrassed and excited. There are some goal posts in the park and in my twisted mind I imagined a girl being tied there, with hands above her head, arms outstretched and someone there to whip her.

My mind started wandering and I imagined how some people would approach us and ask Felicia if they could whip me. She would say yes, of course and then I had to go with them and being tied to the goal post. They would strip off my bikini and then whip me. Felicia would be there watching and I would be the entertainment for the day.

Then we would walk home, me naked and whipped and kind of sore all over. I would be very ashamed but I would feel very special as well, very heroic in a way.

I am silly. We just sat there and I blushed as I thought about all those things and when Felicia asked me I told her. That is a great thing with her. I can tell her.