Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Go Lewis, Go!

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the rain is pouring down. What more could you ask for? Of course that the gorgeous Lewis Hamilton would win the race. And guess what! He did!

Not only does this make Miranda unusually cheerful, in addition, she gets to whack her red hair stunner girlfriend's bottom with six of the best with the bath brush. Alright, Miranda is usually the spankee and will remain to be that but on occasion she enjoys wielding the thingy.

There wasn't much to say for Felicia. She had to take it. And I was a little cruel and let her wait an hour for it. I am not sure she suffered more than I did because I was itching to get on with it.

Anyway, girlfriend had to kneel on the chair with trousers round her ankles and more importantly knickers some distance away from a very lovely, round and fair bottom. I wouldn't dream of letting anything get in between my sturdy bath brush and that bottom.

If you are not that used to smacking bottoms there is a certain hesitation in doing that so the first smack was a bit weak. I have to admit that but the next was a good one. I could tell. Imagine, now, an evil grin on Miranda's face!

I soon got into it and smacked on. Fair bottom turned pink even if it was only six of the best. Well, actually one rather meek one and five much better. I could tell that I wasn't that bad at it, though.

When the sixth was done I got it in my head that since Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix in such a style I should really give her one more. Which I did. You can imagine red haired girlfriend's reaction.

But then something happened. I looked sternly at her and told her that since it was such a great race she would get three more, to a total of ten. And then something really odd happened. She nodded. Imagine that! She nodded.

I was trembling as I got on with it and delivered three more good ones, the last two really good ones. Pink was almost red and it looked very intriguing on a very fair stunner like her.

You could imagine that Felicia would explain to me the importance of keeping to an agreement and that I had broken it and that this, really called for some serious bottom warming. No, she would never do that but she could have been upset or angry with me. I sort of counted on that. Instead she looked at me when she arranged her clothes and hid that lovely bottom of hers. And what I saw in her eyes was pride. She was proud of me. She thinks I am a little too meek in life and urges me on to assert myself more. I think she thought I had learned the lesson, just a tad and she was proud.

I will not tell you what happened next. Anyway. I am sad to tell you that we will both be away for some time so there will be very little or no blogging for some weeks now. I will be back in August and will write some more. Hopefully there will be some holiday smackings to report.

Have fun!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Remote Control Girlfriend

Yesterday, at home after work, I got a text message from Felicia. It said: 'Coming home – naked!' I had to admit that my heart started to beat harder. The message did not mean, as you may think, that Felicia was coming home naked. No, it meant that she was coming home and she expected me to be naked when she did.

This is her new idea of fun. And perhaps a way of making this commitment a bit more intense. It started this Saturday but the only reason I got her meaning was that we had toyed with the idea before. She sent me a text when I was at home and she was at her department. It said one thing and that was 'spanking.'

I sort of got it anyway and it got my pulse up. It meant simply that I was going to get a spanking when she got home. It came like a surprise while I was just being there, sitting in the armchair, reading a book with bananas on my lap. Suddenly I knew I was going to be spanked and it changed things.

Felicia confirmed my interpretation when she got home and Miranda's bottom was smarting when she was done. I liked it and I don't know if the anticipation made it a little more...how should I put it, exciting, but I didn't make her dinner because I was busy in our bedroom, if you know what I mean. She was as busy as I was, in the same place so she couldn't cook either...chuckles.

Anyway, yesterday my heart started beating as I understood what she meant. I felt, kind of humiliated by this short statement, which wasn't even a statement, just a word – naked.

Anyway, Miranda was naked when Felicia got home and she got a great big hug in the hallway. There is something immensely exciting being naked and hugging a red haired stunner who is very much still clothed. Makes you feel a little vulnerable and...well, naked.

Enough of that now. Yesterday became a tad busy too, I can tell you. And Miranda has a smile on her face while writing this.