Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Spankings Hurt

Domestic discipline is a strange expression and funny too. To me it sounds very old fashioned. I see old time house wives being spanked by their stern husbands who are very dominant and harsh men. In the world of kink it has a different meaning and I don't - honestly I don't - want to upset people into this. I am more than happy for them to define their roles and live according to them. It is a huge area and I know, absolutely, nothing about it so forgive me for my little rant. I do respect you all good people whatever way you live your life as long as you both (or you all) agree on it.

It is just that it would be strange for Felicia, Bananas and me to live in such a relationship. Firstly, we are not very domestic and secondly, not very disciplined. It wouldn't work if Felicia were to decide everything and I would to obey. We are far too opinionated, both of us. Well, to be honest, all three of us. When I think about it I think that the cat is the most opinionated of us all.

So where does this spanking fit into our lives? That is a good question. Tiny Miranda has become a very independent young woman who does not want to be trampled on or ordered around. But there is one exception and that is her lovely girl friend Felicia. When Felicia tells Miranda there is going to be spanking then Miranda obeys. I do trust her, my red haired stunner. This means I let her decide about certain things and those certain things concern my poor backside. It is not as straight forward but Felicia has also been given the right to decide about how Miranda dresses, especially about her knickers.

This rant is leading up to this Friday's events. Felicia told Miranda there would be some spanking in the household. Knowing that Felicia might want to show Miranda that all spankings are not nice and cosy the latter felt a little worried. She also found that her cheeks had become very red.

'Go get the ruler!' Felicia said to me and then I knew she was, indeed, intent on showing that spankings are bad things. Strange how something that we have done many times before suddenly feels very new and a little scary.

I got the ruler and Felicia sat down in the chair and in that moment I felt that spanking may not be such a brilliant idea after all. But you know me, I can be very determined when I want to, so soon I was lying in her lap, skirt up, knickers down.

She started with her hand and everything was quite nice, some slaps and some nice warmth spreading. I felt calmer. Felicia has some experience of this and almost all of it is gained treating my poor bottom. She showed how skilled she is when she took up the ruler. She started very slowly with some very light taps and I felt safer again.

Then she started in earnest. She brought the ruler down with some force and the sting was considerable. The ruler is not heavy but it has some kind of evil sting that Felicia knows I am very sensitive too. This knowledge was not something that brought out any compassion though. No, Felicia smacked me for quite a while and I soon thought about how bad spankings are.

Then she continued and continued and continued. She never stopped. She smacked and smacked and smacked. It was bad, really, really bad and soon Miranda was squirming and crying. It is something very liberating in crying even if it does not really diminish the pain.

Well my spanking came to an end and Felicia held me in her arms and I cried at her shoulder. The thing with being held by Felicia like that is that a lot of other sensations starts to show up. It is like being smacked like that really blows away a lot of thoughts and I feel things more clearly without a lot of thinking. What I felt then and there was that Felicia is, indeed, very sweet and soft and lovely and that the heat in my newly spanked bottom seemed to spread through my body and activate another kind of heat.

I don't need to be spanked to realise how nice it is to be with my girl friend but it is, without doubt one way of focussing my mind. Anyway...it was very nice. And I have no doubt now, that spankings hurt. But this is how weird I am, I want them to hurt.


Alyx said...

I don't think that's weird at all. I often fantasize about being spanked to tears. I don't know that I would be able to cry in real life...or even like it *g*...but it makes for a wonderful fantasy.

And it's true that tears are a lovely way to liberate one's feelings and bring peace. It's also true that that lovely burn warms up sooo many other places!


Miranda said...

Thank you alyx for reading and commenting. I love your well thought through comments. If you want, you can check my profile and find my email and talk directly to me.