Thursday, 30 August 2007

Weekend Spanking

Well, it was Sunday and Lewis Hamilton only managed a fifth place. It was very well done, regarding the circumstances but it did not save my bottom.

This time it was a very intimate and nice affair. Felicia's lap, skirt up, knickers down, some warming up with the hand and some spanks with the hairbrush. It was all very nice and not very horrible at all.

Then I realised how, really, weird I am. I wasn't very happy. Miranda was not a happy coney and I didn't realise what it was until later. I was disappointed. Imagine that! I was, really disappointed because my spanking had been so nice.

Really, a spanking should hurt. Isn't that the point? I should feel that I don't want it and when I am lying in her lap I should dread her and feel that I want her to stop.

I know that there are a lot of things going on when you are spanking and getting a spanking and sometimes you are upset and sometimes you are happy and aroused and all that. But you should not be disappointed.

Well, I told Felicia about it. Very kindly. She looked at me for a long time and then she smiled. She told me that this was not a big problem. She was sure she would be able to make me dread being spanked by her and she would take care to see to it that it would hurt next time.

I didn't like that smile on her face. I am afraid I am in for something special very soon. She didn't say when or how but I know she is planning something. If only stupid Miranda could keep her mouth shut.


Alyx said...

Hmm...well my partner and I give each other erotic rather than discipline spankings. So I have to admit I always look forward to it very much (giving OR receiving), never dread them. But I do understand that butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling, and why that gives one such a charge.

I suspect you will not be disappointed again, which is the main thing. How wonderful to be with someone who suits you so perfectly, isn't it? *smile*

Miranda said...

Yeees (Miranda beams), it is great to be with someone you love.

It is weird, I know, but it has to be bad to be good. Not always, of course but this time I wanted it to be bad and that is, really, really, strange but when you think about it: it is supposed to hurt. I don't know really. Glad that you are happy all the way about spankings, so to speak. For me it is still a lot of mixed feelings...but it is mostly fun. I know, I am strange...

Alyx said...

That is not strange in the least. Spankings SHOULD hurt...especially when I am administering (rather than receiving) them. *vbg*