Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Phone

Naughty, Felicia. Naughty, naughty Felicia. I have nothing to say but that. This blog has very much turned out to be about the naughty life of Tiny Miranda, and especially about the times when her poor bottom changes colour. I don't know why I want to write about that aspect of life but perhaps it has to do with the fact that I feel a little strange about it. I have no intention of boring you with just my everyday life, feeding the cat, cursing the bicycle and cooking and such things. No, this blog is about the other stuff, the thing that is naughty.

I am going to tell you now what happened yesterday and how naughty Felicia was. Yes, this time it was Felicia who was the naughty one.

What happened was this: It was Wednesday, yesterday. That may not surprise you but Wednesday is my phone Mum day. Surely you knew that Miranda is a good girl who loves her parents all that. Furthermore can I tell you that her parents are not the kind to frown upon the fact that their daughter lives and loves another girl. They still find it a little strange but they adore Felicia. My mother often says that Felicia is a good girl that may bring some order into my life. My mother should be happy then, although she does not know exactly how Felicia creates this order.

We have the phone in our hallway. Not very practical given the fact that some of my phone conversations may be very long and the hallway is small and there is nowhere to sit (unless you want to perch yourself on a pile of shoes).

Anyway, there I was, standing by the phone talking to my dear Mum when I felt someone sneaking up behind me. That is what Bananas, the cat, usually does but this was something else. My suspicions fell on Felicia, naturally, and they were confirmed as I felt her soft arms embrace me from behind.

This is very sweet, don't you think? And when I tell you she nuzzled my neck and held me close, you will all envy me. This is all well in most circumstances but when you have your dear Mum on the phone it can be slightly distracting.

It got worse. You should not think that Felicia kept her hands in one place. Oh, no. Soon they started to wander off over my body and soon they found my bosom. I don't have much of a bosom but what I have was now fondled by Felicia's naughty hands. And when her hands found their way under my top and onto my tits directly I had a hard time sounding really calm and neutral.

Have you ever tried to hold a normal phone conversation with your mother as someone rolls your nipples between their fingers? It is not as easy as you may think. It got no easier as naughty, naughty Felicia slipped her naughty, naughty hands down my knickers. I will not give you a detailed description of what they did there but I can assure you that my calmness and cool was not easy to maintain.

But at the moment when Miranda started thinking that talking to her mother was not that important and wondered how it would be to do it perched on a pile of shoes, evil Felicia stopped. Instead she pulled down my knickers to my knees and walked away. Her gestures told me I was not supposed to pull them up so there I was, standing in the hallway, talking to my Mum, knickers around my knees and quite distracted.

Felicia went into the kitchen and returned after quite a while. Stupid, meek Miranda still had her knickers around her knees as Felicia started to remove my skirt. When she was done she went away again. Miranda was now thinking about how to get out of this situation, that is, end the phone conversation and kill her dear Felicia.

Felicia returned yet again and this time she pulled my top off. Just a little vexed (this is, of course an understatement) I had to help her and soon I had almost nothing on, except my knickers around my knees. And yes, I said the hallway. This meant that if someone should ring the doorbell there would be very little time for Miranda to escape before Felicia would answer the door.

I did end the phone conversation with my dear Mum and then I went into the kitchen to kill Felicia. I dropped my knickers on the way there. It is not easy to kill someone when they look at you and tell me how fabulous you are. I wasn't fabulous but very naked and we wouldn't be who we are if that would not inspire us to other things but I am not the kind of person to go into details about that. You have to use your imagination.


Alyx said...

Ah, I do love the mischief one can get up to over the phone! Good thing those video phone calls aren't widely used yet, hm? (Of course, those would make for a completely different kind of trouble!) *bg*

Miranda said...

Thanks alyx. I see that you have entered into the spirit of things. I am very glad there are no video phones in our house. Thanks for the comment!!