Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Miranda is Back!!

Holidays are great. The worst thing about a holiday is that it has to end. Back to normal, work and a lot of boring things. One downside with going everywhere and visiting everyone (like we did) is that there is (almost) no computers and time for blogging and almost no time for indulging in certain things you enjoy. I know you know what I mean.

The cat (Bananas) is still grumpy and I am sure she would be happy spanking the living daylight out of both Felicia and me for leaving her with the neighbour. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the neighbour but Bananas doesn't like changes.

And there are some good news. My new favourite, Lewis Hamilton, is back on track and winning again. This means, as you know, six of the best for Felicia. I am, really, a switch when it comes to this. Three consecutive races without Hamilton winning means three...ouch...spankings for Miranda, though. Felicia volunteered to exchange one of them for hers but Miranda stood firm. I will rather have her whack my poor bottom three times than not getting to whack hers. Well, as it turned out, I am still waiting for two of them but Felicia got hers directly after the race. Spanking is fun!!

It is good to be back, in many ways, and I hope you are still there reading my confused scribblings.


Dave said...

Woo hoo! Welcome back :-) I have def. missed your postings, and I know i'm not alone.

I presume you both are..errm....well, behaving or whatnot.


Miranda said...

Dave, you should know by now that we are both extremely well behaved!! Not that it saves my bottom from any spankings. Why can't good girls have spankings? Why do you have to be naughty...it isn't fair!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I was enjoying your blog immensely, so it's good to see you posting again.

(Btw, good girls ARE spanked. Some receive what's called "good girl" spankings in addition to punishment spankings. But since I'm in it for the fun, IMHO regular spankings go to the best and luckiest grrls of all....*bg*)