Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tiny Miranda and Her Bicycle

At last an image of Tiny Miranda from her holiday!! No, not really. I wish it were. I am not as cute as this girl and I am far from as daring as she is. Still she reminds me a little of me, the hair and the limited size of her bosom and such. And I am not as sexy as she is, far from it.

No, this is an image from a relatively new blog out there. It is called The Daisy Dukes Report. It is created by the unrelenting Dave who also is the creator of The Cherry Red Report (featured in this blog). The Daisy Dukes Report is not, as it happens, preoccupied with Dave's favourite subject – the spanking of girls' bottoms. It is centred around another of his interests, not completely disconnected from the former, namely girls' bottoms and is this case clad in shorts and other revealing clothes.

Go and read Dave's new blog while I gather the courage to tell you what happened on Sunday! Dave is a very prolific blogger and he is very good at finding images and create interesting reports. Another good thing I can say about Dave is that he reads my blog. Keep up the good work Dave! (And now I am thinking of the blogging...)


Dave said...

Thanks for the mention, Miranda.

So do you think this naughty shorts-clad girl in the pic needs a bottom warming? preferably over my lap ? possibly with you observing... ? :-)


Miranda said...

Do you think she is naughty? She is just standing there showing her, well, assets. I thought it was something you men liked?? But maybe she would be happy being smacked a little. Maybe we both would be happy being smacked a little...or a lot.