Friday, 10 August 2007

Back in Business

As I told you in my last post I had two Formula 1 spankings still left (in case you have no idea what a Formula 1 spanking is, go back and read my entries about racing and Lewis Hamilton and you will be able to make an educated guess!). Yesterday it was time for one of them. It had been a long time since my last one ( a quickie during is good to be back home and alone) so I, sort of, looked forward to it. There is more to this than it seems. Looking forward to a spanking is not entirely straight forward. So, of course, there were some butterflies in my stomach as I placed myself in Felicia's lap. I like it in her lap. I like being close to her. It was going to be the hairbrush this time. You know, hairbrushes can be quite mean.

The strange thing with this spanking was that I enjoyed it. It may seem like something strange to say by someone who is living in a relationship where spanking is an important ingredient. Mixed feelings is a short way of saying what I am thinking of. Spankings are supposed to be bad and they are bad but that is what is good with them. Alright, this blog post is not about mixed feelings so I will not talk more about that but I think you know what I mean.

Felicia was kind this time and started softly and I usually think that stage of it is rather nice. A nice warmth spreading, just enough force and all that. Then comes a stage when it begins to hurt and depending on her mood that stage can be bad, worse or even worse. The strange thing was that even if I felt that it hurt this time I enjoyed it. This was really weird. I think she was kinder to me than usual but she was spanking me for real. I went with the sensation and I actually enjoyed it

Ok, it was not entirely roses and happiness. As it happened, Bananas came in to the room and made her presence known. This made Felicia stop for a while. Then she said that she ought to give me some smacks from Bananas because I had abandoned her during holiday. She gave me about half a dozen with the brush but those ones really hurt...ouch!! Felicia was happy and Bananas was happy. Still it wasn't fair. Felicia had abandoned the cat as much as I had.

Anyway, that really didn't remove the blissful sensation of actually enjoying a spanking. The warmth in my bottom inspired me to express some of my affections for Felicia and one thing led to another and the evening was a very pleasant one on the whole.

I told Felicia about this new experience and her reaction was, of course, to think that she had not continued long enough or maybe used the wrong implement. She can me mean but, to be honest with you, this is something I love her for.

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