Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Did I just post a blog entry where I said I enjoyed being spanked? I regret that now. I can tell you what a very fierce, red haired woman can achieve with some determination, persistence and some cruelty...and a hairbrush. I had a Hamilton spanking coming (see above, it is the same as a Formula 1 spanking, if you hadn't figured that out already) and Sunday was a day suitable for it, at least according to Felicia.

'I have something for you, Miranda,' was the word I heard as I saw Felicia standing in the doorway with my hairbrush in her hand. The smile on her face was, to say the least, menacing.

I have learned that it is no use in arguing with a smiling red haired woman with a hairbrush in her hand. Miranda is a very unassuming and gentle girl so she didn't even try to say anything against it. Instead she soon found herself in Felicia's lap, skirt up and knickers down.

Ouch, is everything I have to say about what followed. And ouch again. The sense of the hard slaps of a hairbrush against your naked and unprotected backside feels very different if they are preceded by some gentle warm up or not. The fearsome red haired woman had decided that Miranda didn't need any warm up this time.

Well, after all, it was a bet and losing it ought to be...something bad. And bad it was. My hairbrush can sting like...well, hell. And it did. Felicia smacked along quite happily as yours truly squirmed and cried in agony. I know I will not get any sympathy from my readers. I know you like to hear about my agony.

Anyway, a well spanked Miranda was lying on her belly whilst watching tv that evening. Some time after my ordeal I began to see the fun in it. Fun may not be the right word but with my head in Felicia's lap and Bananas in front of me things took on a rosier colour, generally.

And when I think of it, I kind of like it when she surprises me a little.


Dave said...

Fantastic post as always. I really love this blog! It's charmingly unique and wonderfully written.

Best regards,

Miranda said...

Thanks Dave...smiles