Monday, 20 August 2007

Humiliating Discussion

Someone wanted to hear the discussion I referred to in my last blog post. That is quite cheeky but perhaps I could shed some light on the subject.

There they were, my two red haired friends, Fiona and my beloved Felicia (red hair, named beginning with F, is there a pattern?), sitting at a table with me, talking about – me.

I don't mind being at the centre of attention but it was the way the spoke about me. As if I wasn't there or was a little child. At first they just talked about me. Felicia said something like, 'you know Miranda, she can't tear her eyes from Mr Rochester in that tv-series.'

UK people may have noticed that there was a BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre last autumn. I fell in love with it and bought the DVD. I can't explain it but the way Felicia said it made me feel like I was some maniac, a silly child that can't stop watching a silly film. Jane Eyre is not silly. It is my favourite book. And it is not Mr Rochester I am in love with but Jane. I am Jane. I have always identified with her. She is my kind of heroine, 'poor, obscure, plain and little' and all that. But with a warm and strong heart. And very stubborn. That is your Miranda.

Besides, Ruth Wilson, the actor playing Jane, is very cute.

As I was blushing about Felicia telling Fiona about all my soft spots they started discussing whether Miranda had behaved. Then I was really embarrassed. We were sitting in a public place (alright a chippy, but still) and someone might hear. As you may understand Felicia couldn't resist the temptation of telling Fiona about how sloppy and forgetful Miranda can be.

'I assume you punish her for it,' Fiona said. I remember the words clearly. I wanted to become invisible. I blushed as I do not usually blush. Then they started talking about how I am punished for being sloppy. As you know I am not often punished for anything, really, but how could anyone overhearing the conversation know that?

I don't think anyone heard but the thought was enough.

Then the discussion became rather technical, about a certain person's behind, how it should be prepared (exposed) and what kind of implements was proper to apply. It is, indeed, a very special sensation hearing two lovely red haired women discussing the best way to spank you, and doing it in a public place.

'The belt is softer but it makes a good impression.'

'Oh, I though wood was the best.'

'It depends on the weight, hairbrushes are good but heavier things are sometimes better.'

Of course I can't remember the exact words but it was things like that they said.

Nasty, evil, Felicia couldn't resist the obvious comment: 'On the bare, of course, always on the bare.'

Anyway, Miranda was so ashamed that she was not really herself and some tiny little disturbance may have made her into a killer or something. In the defence of my friends, I have to say that they actually took care to make sure that they were not overheard. Still I was, a little upset, to say the least.

The worst thing was that Tiny Naughty Miranda sat there, red with shame and felt a little excited. The thought of going home and actually experiencing something of what they talked about made her feel quite strange and have thoughts not really suitable for a cheap chippy.

That is that and now I will direct my thoughts in another direction.


Dave said...

Such naughtyness. I do love it so.



Anonymous said...

*LOL* I'm sure you know your readers well enough to know there will be precious little sympathy for you. Lucky grrl, nice post.

Miranda said...

No, I know my readers are a cruel bunch of people only wanting to hear about my ordeals. They want to know all about poor Miranda's suffering and will show no mercy...sigh.
Thanks for your comments and I love to hear from you...even if you are cruel...smiles.

Anonymous said...

This public discussion made me cum in my pants... nice! :)