Friday, 29 June 2007

Have Fun!!

Our household is a mess. We are all stressed out and everything is in chaos. We are going away for a while and we are extremely disorganised. Bananas, the cat, will be unhappy having our neighbour caring for her but she doesn't know it yet Felicia is working all the time to meet certain deadlines. I am just...well...disorganised.

We are going away for a while and for various reasons I will not be able to blog much (most likely not at all) until August. I will miss writing but such is life. Hopefully I will have something interesting to tell you when I come back.

This week has been an extremely unnaughty and spankless week and I am, actually, quite frustrated by that. My bum is longing for the attention and I am too.

Obviously I managed to get it wrong in my last blog entry. Someone, kindly, pointed out that it is Scrabble and not Scrabbles. Sloppy Miranda can't spell. We always called it Scrabbles when I was little and I have no idea why. The person pointing this out is, of course, right. It is Scrabble and nothing else. Naughty, naughty Miranda. Maybe I can persuade Felicia that bad spelling is, indeed, a spankable offence.

Ok, end of rant. I won't be blogging for a while and I will miss it and I hope you will miss it too. I will be back and I am already looking forward to it. In the meantime, have fun!!


Dave said...

Enjoy and have fun! I look forward to your return and more wonderful blog posts.

Warmest wishes,

Unknown said...

I certainly will miss your writing Miss. Do have a good break; I look forward to your return on here.

Dave said...

Hope y'all come back soon!