Monday, 11 June 2007

Ha, ha, ha...

Felicia and I have this ongoing discussion about Lewis Hamilton, the very young and very handsome racing driver. You didn't know we were into Formula 1..but who can resist men in fast cars?

Anyway, I am a firm believer in Lewis H. winning the whole championship while Felicia is a bit more cautious. Of course we discussed whether he would win the Canada Grand Prix or not.

Felicia was so sure he would not so she volunteered to let me spank her if he did and I accepted her offer. Then followed some hard negotiations that ended in a deal. I was to give Felicia six of the best with the riding crop if Hamilton won and she would be allowed to spank me in whatever way she wanted should he not win.

And you know who won, don't you? Young, gorgeous, Lewis Hamilton won his first Grand Prix and I got to smack Felicia's bottom.

She is a woman of principles so she wouldn't go back on her word but she tried to point out that we had not negotiated her clothing in the deal. She meant that she could very well keep her trousers on while she knelt for six of the best.

In ordinary cases I am a very kind girl but this was a matter of principles and after a while Felicia gave in to reason and unbuttoned her trousers and slipped them down.

The negotiations about her knickers were as fierce as those about the trousers but at last she slipped them down too and was prepared for the riding crop.

Suddenly I was the one who was scared. It felt a little unreal to smack her like that. Anyway, I gathered my senses and gave her the first.

It was a meek one but still her pale skin showed a mark. The second one was a better one and the third a really good one.

Felicia is not a girl prone to crying but she was affected, I could see that and that made me hesitate. Number four and five was not my best but I picked myself up on the last one.

Felicia was uncharacteristically meek afterwards and for a moment I thought that she harbours a spankee deep inside her. She composed herself and actually thanked me for spanking her. I could see in her eyes that from now on Lewis Hamilton had to win every single race, if only to protect my bottom from the revenge.

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Dave said...

I typically find car racing SO boring; however, in this disciplinary context, well, suddenly this become a sport which I find quite fascinating.


Keep up the wonderful blogging!