Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Ruler

'It was a long time since I took the ruler to your poor unprotected bottom.' This is exactly what Felicia said yesterday. Although I am touched by her concern for my poor bottom it was something menacing in her statement. There was something especially frightening in the way she said 'unprotected'.

I was not, really, in the mood for a spanking so I almost said something about it. Then it is not really Miranda to do that. What commitment is it to back down as soon as you don't feel like it?

'You are not serious,' was my witty reply.

'Do I look serious?' she said with a grin on her face that cannot be said to be anything but evil, evil and content.

'No, you don't,' I truthfully answered.

'Look again!' she said still grinning.

'Well, you don't look serious but Mr Ruler in your hand seems to mean business.'

I know Felicia appreciate my wit (honestly, I sometimes even manage to say something funny), although it has never done me any good when it comes to negotiations with rulers and other thingies.

Soon I was kneeling on the dreaded chair, no skirt, pulling down my knickers. Remember, she said, 'unprotected'!

Let Miranda be a little serious for a moment! This is a special moment. Not that I get excited taking down my knickers (well, I do but that is not the point). No it is about the leap of faith it is to let your friend demand such a thing, or rather complying with that demand.

Anyway, there I was, kneeling, knickers down, waiting for a date with Mr Ruler and not feeling too enthusiastic about it.

Mr Ruler has some power over me. He made contact with my poor unprotected bum and Miranda was affected. I actually started to cry. After all, he was very persistent.

I think Felicia knows me better than I do myself. I had been in a bad mood, had a bad day at the library and was generally annoyed and irritated. But after the ruler and a good comforting hug Tiny Miranda was in a completely different mood. I even volunteered to make dinner.

I even disregarded the smug expression on Felicia's face that told me she had got me exactly where she wanted me. I am a kind and loving soul and let her have her victory.


Dave said...

ouch. i assume your bottom measured up to the ruler, pardon the pun.



Miranda said...

Pun is very welcome. I can tell you that my bum did its best...


Anonymous said...

"Scrabble," my dear, the game is calles "Scrabble," not "Scrabbles."
Do you subscribe to the principle that typos are a spankable offense?