Monday, 4 June 2007

Bikini Day

Friday was pretty normal. We went down the pub with some friends and then home and bed. Nothing much to say, really. No spankings, no naughtiness, no nothing besides some good bitter. I do like a good bitter from time to time. Not very girly but I do.

Come Saturday and lovely hot weather. It was as if the lovely weather awakened the naughtiness within Felicia. She rose like some over enthusiastic squirrel or something, treated me to breakfast in bed and was, generally nice to me. Sleepy Miranda had a smile on her face as she had her tea and toast. But before she could get out of bed Felicia declared that it was Bikini Day today.

That is really as silly as it sounds. It means that I am to wear nothing but a bikini the whole day. I had to ask and Felicia explained this to me. I told her promptly that I was not going shopping today if I was to wear only a bikini. She said that there would be no shopping.

The bikini in question is actually quite lovely. It has a triangle top and tie side bottom, quite small but not too small. And it is red. Still it is like wearing almost nothing.

Of course Felicia was not wearing bikini. Who could think of something that silly? In fact that was stupid because she looks far more lovely in a bikini than I do. Felicia is not very tall but some two inches taller than tiny me. There is one big difference though. Although slim she is more normal when it comes to the bosom department. This means that she would fill out a bikini far better than me.

It is something in a bikini that agrees very well with the female anatomy. It is something nice with a girl in bikini. Even I look good in my little red one. Not good in the bikini model way, no way, but still ok. I am working on accepting my body and I am on my way.

It is not a big deal plodding along at home in a bikini. Still it is a kind of thrill when you look at your best friend and she is wearing jeans and t-shirt while you are...almost naked.

This changed in the afternoon. We went to the park. Not a big deal but it was public and I was in a bikini. Thankfully the weather made it look natural.

I am a prude, I know that. You must all wonder what all the fuzz is about. Nothing strange with wearing a bikini you may say and it isn't, really. I do feel very naked though and Felicia knows that and she wants to make me feel like that.

She told me I looked good. I blush and curtsy. What can a girl do? It is kind of sexy wearing a bikini. I know I am silly but it is and especially when your very special friend look at you.

It is something about sun and being outdoors in a park that makes my imagination run wild. Especially being outdoors and being almost naked. We sat down and I felt like that girl in the painting, that Breakfast on Grass or something where a naked girl sits with some men that are not naked. I wasn't naked but I was more naked than Felicia and that is what counts.

In my mind I was naked and everyone could see me and I was both embarrassed and excited. There are some goal posts in the park and in my twisted mind I imagined a girl being tied there, with hands above her head, arms outstretched and someone there to whip her.

My mind started wandering and I imagined how some people would approach us and ask Felicia if they could whip me. She would say yes, of course and then I had to go with them and being tied to the goal post. They would strip off my bikini and then whip me. Felicia would be there watching and I would be the entertainment for the day.

Then we would walk home, me naked and whipped and kind of sore all over. I would be very ashamed but I would feel very special as well, very heroic in a way.

I am silly. We just sat there and I blushed as I thought about all those things and when Felicia asked me I told her. That is a great thing with her. I can tell her.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed this Tiny Miranda.



Dave said...

bikini day. Love it. What an awesome post:_))

I can't get over how uniquely original this blog is, out of the scores and scores of blogs i've seen in the spanking and general erotic genre--this one has a different, charming, sexy, erotic and intelligent voice...

It is polite yet, erotically charged.

Keep up the fantastic writing..and umm...spanking. :-)

Warmest wishes,
'the cherry red report'

Miranda said...

Thank you, thank you, for your comments. I am bad at replying but it means a lot. Thank you again.

Paolo, I am glad you enjoyed hearing about my ordeal.

Dave, you are such a sweetheart and always supportive.