Monday, 25 June 2007


No F1 racing this weekend and no spanking of Felicia...sigh. I know I am silly but this thing about having a bet is quite fun. Especially if you are winning.

I have started to think about other kinds of games you could play. How about Spanking Trivial Pursuit? When you get a question wrong you get a set number of swats. And if you lose you get another, greater, number of swats.

I would lose, big time. Felicia is a clever girl. Although I know silly things like the Severn tunnel was the longest under water tunnel for a very long time until they built a longer one in the seventies. But I have no idea who directed this or that film or wrote a certain book. I am quite good at geography, though.

Or Scrabbles. You could play spanking Scrabbles. When you place a word you get to spank the other according to the points you get. That is a very good idea. I am good at Scrabbles.

Checkers could be played and you get to spank according to the pawns you knock out. I would lose that, no doubt about it. I am sure Felicia would like that idea. She does not want to play games she risks losing.

Which makes me think of Risk. Do you play Risk? It is a great game. Not very girly but fun. It is something very appealing in the thought of conquering the world. You could be spanked according to how many armies you lose in a battle. What a great idea!!

Sorry, is it very obvious that Miranda has no exciting naughtiness to report? I suppose it is. Felicia was busy all weekend and Miranda was left alone most of the time. Her bottom was very much unattended. I have high hopes for this week, though. Not that spanking is the only thing we need to do when we have been busy. Cuddling and hugging are far more important but if we get time, spanking is seldom far from my mind.


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