Wednesday, 27 February 2008


My Felicia is a very naughty girl. She had invited some friends for dinner Monday evening, some colleagues of hers. Nothing strange with that. It was a couple and a single man (who by the way flirted desperately with me, for some strange reason).

Felicia told me to dress smartly and that means my black and quite short dress. That is, about, the only smart dress I own. I admit it is a pretty dress and even I look a little, you know, in it.

So there I was, in my dress checking up on the chili I was cooking for the dinner. I am actually quite good with that chili. It is quite hot and very nice. Anyway, I was standing there in the kitchen when Felicia turned up.

She was dressed in a very sweet, green dress. It is a kind of satin like fabric and in the right light it shines. She was shining, red hair and that dress. She was smashing, trust me, I know such things.

Anyway, she was not only wearing that dress. In her hand she held her bath brush, the vicious and quite brutal bath brush. Miranda is not stupid. Miranda knew what was going to happen.

I tried to tell her that guests were due any minute now. Felicia just shook her head and up went my skirt and down my knickers. It was as if she wanted my bottom to feel as hot as the chili I was cooking. Ouch, it hurt. I got, like seven or eight, hard smacks. When I say hard smacks, I mean it.

Evil Felicia shook her head again when I pulled up my knickers and obedient and very meek Miranda gave her knickers to her evil friend who took them away.

The guests arrived very soon and there I was, all smiles and politeness and with a very smarting bottom. You believe it would show, that you just have got a hard spanking (well, perhaps, not a hard spanking but some well placed and hard smacks). I suppose it doesn't but I was blushing, and now I am not referring to my bottom.

The fact that I was not wearing any knickers made me very aware of the length of my skirt. Alright, it is long enough to cover me but having no knickers makes you feel it is way too short.

We sat down and devoured my very hot chili and with some wine (Miranda is more for beer but wine is nice when you are in the mood) it was a quite nice dinner.

Felicia suddenly gave me a very strange look and then she smiled and made a little gesture with her hand; she held her fingers crossed and then spread them out and I realised that I had forgotten about my 'task'. No one noticed but I blushed and uncrossed my legs.

Felicia knew exactly what I would think, not being allowed to cross my legs and having no knickers. She is indeed extremely naughty. And I felt naughty and embarrassed.

I couldn't take my eyes from Felicia. She looked stunning. That is not so strange since she is a stunner but Miranda felt that she didn't want to just sit and watch.

We live together and I see her every day but it was still not easy sitting there, in a civilised way, at the table and having all those thoughts about her without that very beautiful dress.

Good food, nice company, a good looking girl friend, some wine and Miranda suddenly becomes very giggly and, well, sexy. At least that is how I felt. One thing let to another and the night was a very sweet one, indeed.


Anonymous said...

I think I would be blushing too if I wasn't allowed to wear my knickers but I bet it would feel oh so delicious.


Anonymous said...

KLSE: What a lovely evening you had Miranda, a very interesting dinner party indeed. I have often found chili can make a girl feel hot "down there", but usually has more to do with what was stirred in than with what was done with the wooden spoon otherwise...

(Yes I did READ your story and I KNOW it was the brush and not the spoon you were smacked with.)

Thank you for posting this.


Anonymous said...

KLSE: oh, and btw, I have a green dress just like Felicia's, and you are right about the red-haired aspect of that colour. My hair is brown with coppery highlights, but it looks much redder when I'm in my green dress.


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, there are very mixed feelings but 'delicious' are among them...giggles.

Dear Kirsten, chili can have that effect. Depends on what you use it for...smiles. I did see the connection with the spoon though, but since both Felicia and Miranda are practical people they realised that it would have messed things up considerably had the spoon been applied to Miranda's bottom instead of the brush. And what is it with green that makes it go so well with red or reddish hair?