Thursday, 21 February 2008

Weird Thoughts

What happened the other day made me think. I have come so far in accepting who I am and what I am that I know I like getting my bottom smacked and I do fancy a bit of being naked and being tied up and such things. I think it has to be a very special person for it to work but I am, sort of, ok with it. I can admit that I like it and want it to happen.

Still the other day when Fiona came in seeing me in a very compromising position and then got to smack my bottom, I found that this added an extra dimension to it, that someone was watching. It is not the first time that Fiona has been there but still it made me think.

I have to admit that there is a part of me that wants people to watch. It will not happen. I will not go out in the park and have Felicia smack my bottom in public but I am a little excited by the idea. My mind is now full of fantasies about times when this was possible. When they had whipping posts in the town squares and such things.

I know it is very different to be tied to a whipping post and flogged than to have Felicia have a go with a hairbrush but you know how the mind works.

Part of me would just want to show people, be me before them and have my bottom smacked and say, 'this is me, this is Tiny Unassuming Miranda, she likes to have her bottom smacked and she enjoys it!' I like to be me and not feel I am weird or have to hide. Not feel that I am one of those perverts that would corrupt the children and such things. I am just ordinary me and I like this.

I am not thinking of becoming a champion of spankers. Not at all. It is just that I sometimes just want to be me, no fuss, no hiding.

But we do kiss in public. That is weird enough according to some people. We don't do the full snogging routine but we do kiss and hold hands and such things. Most people are ok but there are places were you don't want to do that. And some say mean things to you. I am proud of Felicia and I am proud of being hers and I don't want to hide that.

This public spanking thing, is of course, not only about me wanting to be me. It is also about the humiliation of public punishments. There is this thought that it would be a little more, well, humiliating having someone watch it.

Can't get this out of my mind. Maybe we should invite all people who know about this over for a spanking party and then have Felicia spank me there. It wouldn't be a very big party but still an interesting idea. What you think?


Ramius said...

I think it is a great idea. I would love to come over and watch u get spanked. Just one question...may I cheer as she spanks ya or must I stay quiet lol???? I can do either so NO worries :)

I enjoyed this post of urs. It is the first time I have come to ur page.

Ramius said...

oh BTW about public spanking how would u feel about ur Mistress spanking u at a park where ppl were having picnics.....u could find a secluded part that I am sure some ppl would be able to watch the spanking :)

Miranda said...

Dear Ramius, I think the sense of public spanking would be greatly increased should you cheer the spanker on...giggles. I think I would be really scared about a real public spanking. I am a wimp and I do have fantasies but a real one, I don't know...?



Ramius said...

Alright then cheering it'll be!!!! I'll hoot and holler and yell "Spank her harder lol" how will that be?? Will that get u excited and make u feel wild lol??

If u need a person to spank u I would be glad to be of service :)

wilhelmina said...

Dear Miranda, I may join in the cheering too! It is exciting watching deserving and lovely women getting spanked. *blushes* But then I want to get in on the fun too.

To spank or be spanked, that is the question?

Mmm, there is something about being seen isn't there.


Jim said...

Our american cousins have a lovely custom: birthday spankings!

Instead of getting the bumps at your party (like we do in the UK) you would receive a birthday spanking, in public, from your significnt other---or sometimes, everyone joins in:

An added plus is all the extra birthday presents you would get!

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, deserving and lovely! I prefer the lovely but I suppose deserving is not far from the truth...sigh.

Dear Jim, birthday spankings are not unheard of in our household. And lots of other kinds of spankings too...giggles.