Monday, 18 February 2008

Poor Miranda

If you think your life is a little boring and you wish for something exciting to happen to spice it up, be careful for what you ask for! You know, by now, that Felicia enjoys playing games with me. She likes to make me feel a little embarrassed and she likes my bottom to be a little red.

The redness has been taken care of. Miranda tries to not cross her legs and although she thinks the task is a little silly she does her best. Still she doesn't succeed and that means a certain reddening of her bottom. There is no cruelty to animals involved and now I am thinking of human animals called Miranda. No, she is still only 'reminding' me of my task.

My red haired friend knows a lot about Miranda's fantasies and she knows a certain amount of embarrassment is good for Miranda, at least it cheers her up. And she knows that Miranda quite often says she wants to be pushed a little further towards what she thinks is a little scary. What I am getting at is that there was some pushing Sunday evening.

'Come here' Felicia said to me early evening and I did. Out of nowhere (at least that was how it appeared to me) a evilly smiling Felicia produced some ropes. Miranda has to admit that there was a certain kind of sensation that included some red cheeks and a beating heart. Alright, I was a little excited.

She tied my hands behind my back and with that I was, sort of, helpless. If you are bound like that together with a very lovely red haired stunner you, kind of, expect that stunner to take advantage of your helplessness. And Miranda was not a complete stranger to that, rather the opposite really.

Felicia had Miranda stand and without much ado removed her knickers. Then she had me sit down and told me, promptly, not to cross my legs. Now the full meaning of this task was obvious. It is amazing how naked you can feel while still mostly dressed.

She was not done. She pulled up my t-shirt and pulled it above my head. This manoeuvre left what Miranda has of a bosom quite exposed. You think, in your imagination, that when you are tied up with your beautiful friend you would look stunning and very sexy. Miranda felt just silly. Still she was not completely unaware of how easy it would be for her friend to touch certain parts of her anatomy.

It is rather silly but instead of being passionately aroused I felt how cold her hands would be and that I was very vulnerable if she wanted to tickle me. I will not give you the details but some fondling later Miranda was a little more...passionate.

Then the really scary happened. The doorbell rang and red haired stunner flew up and went out to answer the door. You can imagine that this is one of those moments when you wish that it is not your mother who comes for a surprise visit.

To my utter horror I heard her open the door to someone and before I could scramble to my feet and flee she was showing this guest into our living room.

It is a very special kind of fear when you think someone will soon find you sitting in the sofa, hands tied behind your back and your t-shirt pulled over your head.

Exactly that happened and Miranda blushed very much. Something that somewhat eased the impact of this humiliating event was that the caller was lovely Fiona. I didn't even know she was in town.

It is a rather strange experience to have two red haired and very beautiful women sitting and staring at your bosom while you can do nothing to cover it up. Fiona asked me about my 'obedience training' and I saw Felicia snigger.

Anyway, Miranda's ropes were untied and she could adjust her clothes. But when Fiona found out I had no knickers she thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to smack my bottom. Felicia gave the go ahead and soon I was in Fiona's lap getting my bottom spanked.

I think Fiona has been starved of this for a long time. She was very enthusiastic, one could say. And she kept on for a while.

A very sore Miranda struggled to not cross her legs the whole evening. And, no, there was no orgy following the smacking. We had tea and watched tv. What happened after Fiona left I will not tell.

Fiona was to stay with another friend, someone who doesn't know to appreciate Fiona's lovely bottom the way it deserves but still a friend of hers. She gave me the sweetest hug before she left and I felt how much I love lovely Fiona. I have this thing for red haired women and Fiona is a stunner.

But I am spoken for by the loveliest red haired woman I know about and that is something that makes me very happy. I tried to show that after Fiona left and I think Felicia got the message.

This does not mean, however, that I am not going to have my revenge on her bottom with a very nice bath brush.


wilhelmina said...

This is lovely indeed and who doesn't like a bit of lounge room bondage!

It is ever so exciting to be helpless even if only a little.

I am happy for you.


Ramius said...

concensual bondage is sensual.

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, lounge room bondage, that sounds very nice. More of that, I agree.

Dear Ramius, agree to that too.



amy said...
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