Monday, 4 February 2008

Chirpy Miranda

Not so grumpy Miranda today. And Miranda's bottom is no longer so out of bounds as it was when Miranda was grumpier. Honestly, I am not sure why I was so horribly angry last week. It is good to have red haired stunners in your household when being grumpy. There was a lot of hugs and kindness and that helps. Even the cat was kind to me.

Although there is this suspicion in my mind that Felicia only wanted to cheer me up so that she could take the hairbrush to my bottom. They can be very clever, those red haired girls.

Anyway, there was some smack, smack, Saturday evening and that was, kind of, nice. Spanking can be such a stress relief at times. We were giggling like mad after a while so there wasn't as much smack, smack as, I think, Felicia intended.

So, I am more cheerful today but I do think this winter is too long. I want it to be spring and summer, when you don't have to wear a lot of clothes when being outdoors. What is the point of being a Naked Lesbian if you are freezing your bottom off as soon as you are not completely covered in clothes?

Cats don't have that problem, really. I wonder what it would be like being covered in fur, like a cat. Would we be so embarrassed and so excited being naked if we were? Would we lose something with it? After all, it is, kind of, exciting to be a little embarrassed. Now I am being silly.

But cuddling would be very nice if you had fur like a cat.


Dove said...

I know what you mean about frollicking in the cold, it is not nearly as much fun as when it is warm. But it is a good reason to warm things up!


Miranda said...

Dear Dove, but that is another kind of warming up, not sure it helps...sigh. But it is good fun, though.