Monday, 8 October 2007

Half a Century

I have more than 50 blog postings now. That is something to celebrate. I wonder what I will do. Maybe have something nice for dinner and celebrate with my Felicia and my cat. Sounds like a great idea.

Am I more than usually silly? I suppose you know why. I had high hopes for this Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix. This was the day when Lewis Hamilton would win the title. Unfortunately it was not to be. He had to retire from the race and Kimi Raikkonen won and Alonso came in second.

There has been some confusion on my blog in the comments department what such a result would terms of colours on bottoms and such. It is quite simple. I had hoped for Hamilton to win which had meant that I got to give Felicia six of the best with the riding crop. That is simple and straight forward. That did not happen, however. This means that Felicia got to whack Miranda's bottom as much as she desired.

Can you imagine her smug face as Hamilton retired? 'You know what this means,' she said, as if I had any doubts. She was actually chuckling as she told me that this would teach me not to expect too much of a race and be too dependent on strangers.

We watched the race early in the morning so it was not even ten o'clock as Miranda prepared herself for her ordeal. We had watched the race in bed (lucky us, having a tv set in the bedroom...giggles), which means that Miranda was still dressed for sleeping. And dressed for sleeping (here comes a confession) means not dressed at all.

So while Felicia donned her dressing gown poor Miranda didn't don anything as she went and got the hairbrush. I am not too concerned about being naked in the presence of my own stunner girl (and the cat of course) but being naked getting a hairbrush knowing that it will soon be used on my very naked bottom is another kind of nakedness.

I had soon other things to think about besides my state of undress. Felicia was very mean. She said that she had almost wished for Hamilton to win the race, she thought that he deserved it but now, as things are with the bet and everything, she was very sad to have to spank me. I bet she was!! She enjoys it!

She can be very thorough, my Felicia, when she is in that mood. She took her time. This does not mean that there were any lenience in the application of said hairbrush to poor Miranda's backside. I know it wasn't an hour but it, sure, felt like that. She smacked and smacked and stopped for a while, checking out the distribution of rosy glow on my bottom. If she found any uneven distribution she soon applied the brush to rectify the error.

Your mind changes when you lie there and get your bottom smacked. It is a kind of autopilot who takes over. There is just you and your bottom and you don't think about much else. Maybe it is because I let her do it that I can accept it without any anger. I am still in some sort of control.

Anyway, I got dressed and made some breakfast with my bottom still stinging from the lost bet. I so hope that Hamilton will win the title. We have decided on something special for that occasion. I will tell you more later.


Jim said...

What fun! It's nice to know that everything ended rosily. xx

Dove said...

I haven't been keeping up with the Grand Prix but I am thrilled to see Kimi is having some wins. What's in a name but he is my favourite...biased me of course, and you know why.


Miranda said...

I am happy that you love really red roses, Jim.

Hm, I think I know why the Iceman, as they call him, would be your favourite. He is not in our household, though. Come to think of it, I have never asked the cat but since said Kimi never have fed her I am quite sure she doesn't like him.

Anonymous said...

Surely my darling the blame lays with McLaren, not with Lewis...but then I don't suppose Skoda Felicia would take that as an excuse. Well done on turning fifty, you don't look a day over twenty-five. (I'm not going to tell you who this is, I know you already know.)

Miranda said...

I know perfectly well who is writing such silly things on my blog and I know also that you know exactly what I mean with Half a Century.
Thanks for commenting, though...smiles.