Tuesday, 30 October 2007

In the Library

Here is a picture of me, yesterday, when Felicia told me that I could not wear any clothes, whatsoever, for work. Well, not really. I would never do such a thing. Imagine me with nails painted blue...never!!

Do you ever have thoughts like that? That you suddenly start thinking about how it would be if you were naked in a certain situation. I do that all the time. And when I saw this picture it occurred to me that I quite often imagine myself naked in the library. What if, I would walk around the shelves stark naked, in the buff, with no clothes on?

I am not sure it is, really, some hidden desire to get my kit off in public (hm, maybe it is) but rather how terribly embarrassing it would be and how much ashamed I would be.

Still it makes my day a little less boring to think like that.


Anonymous said...

I knew it wasn't really you, Miranda; because: 1) The girl in the pic sitting down 2) Her bottom has obviously not been spanked, recently (though, perhaps it should have been!)

Miranda said...

Such a clever boy, Jim! No fooling you!! Smiles.

Dove said...

What a lovely pic but she looks set to give someone a piece of her mind or is that the 'shhh...be quiet in the library' look?


Miranda said...

Yes, it is a lovely picture. I think I fell for it because, besides the fact that she is lovely, she has a very 'unpornographic' expression on her face, stern but also a little uncertain. I imagine I would have a similar expression were I to be be photographed in the buff like that...blushes. And it is very nice to see a girl with glasses in such picture.

Dave said...

Perhaps she has way too many overdue books and is waiting for the Library Director to deal with her?


Anonymous said...

i knew the picture was no you,just like jim siad.the comment you made about it being you seems to tell me you have not learnt your lession about telling fibs maybe you need another lession

Miranda said...

Dave, and how do you think the Library Director will deal with her?...Smiles.

Anonymous, I do see what you are hinting at. Felicia said something similar, actually.

Anonymous said...
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