Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lying Library Girl

Well, I may not have been completely truthful in my last blog post. When I said that the picture was Felicia at the seaside. Come to think of it, it was not true at all. A little fib...or a big lie. Anyway, I was not telling the truth. Now I have said it.

But Felicia looked very lovely by the seaside, this summer. In her red bikini, in the sun. No, I will not post any pictures. I am not allowed.

Felicia laughed when she saw my blog post. She was not angry at all. After all, she had posted this picture of a bottom she claimed was mine. Anyway, do you think that meant that I was not in trouble? No, not at all. The smiling stunner told me this called for a punishment. Have you heard the like of it? Tiny Miranda being punished!

First the ruler and then the riding crop on a very naked Miranda. She meant business, I can tell you. My bottom is not happy today. It was even more miserable yesterday. Sigh, poor Miranda always suffer for silly things. And I will most likely be smacked for saying it is silly...but it is.

The worst thing was the she seemed so amused by it all. She smiled and chuckled as she smacked away.

But to tell you the truth, I kind of like it when she makes me pay for my misdeeds. I like it when she is in command. She is so beautiful when she spanks me. Believe me, she is the best!


Jim said...

It seems you were appropriately punishment for your misdemeanour. Have some hugs and love: xxxx

Jim said...

Ooops! I must go and get myself punished for my atrocious proofreading!

Dove said...

Dear Miranda, you just can't help yourself can you but then I am sure you secretly adore all the attention your stunner lavishes on you, even if it is, on occasion, with a riding crop!


Miranda said...

Jim, I can't really argue about that. I was appropriately punished...poor me!!

Dove, attention is the key...hehe. My bottom is not that keen all the time but I am...giggles.