Thursday, 24 January 2008

Good Things about Miranda

There is a rule now. I do feel a little stupid for bringing this up and even without knowing what I wanted. Anyway, we have agreed on a rule, for a start. The first rule for Miranda is that Felicia will punish her severely if she speaks badly about herself.

The thing is that Felicia thinks I put myself down too much and have too low self esteem and beat myself up for things I do. I think she is right, at least about the self esteem...smiles. So my rule is to be kind to myself and remember the good things about me. And when I say something bad about myself, Felicia has the right to punish me for it.

So, for a start I will try to say good things about Miranda. This is not easy but I will do my best to turn this blog into a bragging about Miranda blog.

Here it goes; first am tiny, most of me is tiny but that also means that I have a rather tiny bottom. The first thing is that Miranda has a very nice little round bottom. Actually, I have looked at it in the mirror and I think it is, rather, nice. It can be a little, how should I put it, pale, in the winter but there is a good friend who is more than willing to put some colour on it. It is a very smallish and round bottom and it looks quite nice when a little pink...blushes.

Miranda has good hands with cats. She is quite well loved by cats and that is not entirely because she feeds them. I am quite convinced that Bananas high appreciation of me depends entirely on my feeding her but I do get along well with cats even without the food.

I am a very loyal person. I am very loyal to those I love and care about but I am also loyal to my work and in most other situations as well. It can be a little silly at times but I think this is a good thing to say about Miranda. She is loyal.

I will try not to make this into something silly. I will tell you one thing that I have come to realise about myself that I feel is like bragging to say. Here it goes: Miranda is quite clever. She does well in tests and has come out top of her class at the university in some subjects. The thing is that she has no idea what she wants to do with all that cleverness. Felicia thinks I should go on studying. In fact, she almost suggested that as a second rule, that Miranda has to do something with her life and not waste it in a library. I am not sure I waste it. Libraries are nice.

Next good thing: I like books. I love books and I read a lot. I do love all sorts of silly books, romantic books but also Science Fiction and adventure stories. I do work in a library so it only comes naturally. Mind you, I am not a librarian, just a simple library girl...giggles.

This is much harder than I thought, so I will stop now. I will end this by saying that another prominent feature of my personality is the immense silliness that I harbour within me. It is kind of nice to be as silly as I am but most people, I think, will see silliness as something bad. I don't know if this means I am talking badly about myself now. If I do, Felicia has to punish me for it. But the good thing about that is that it makes my cute little bottom look even cuter than it does already...told you, I was silly!!


Jim said...

A little silliness:

Imagine that you, and Felicia, and Bananas, were to be exiled to a desert island. Which 6 books would you, Miranda, take with you?

(And you can't take Lonely Planet nor Rough Guide to Desert Islands--because those books are already on the island!)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Good luck with your rule but it sounds like a no lose situation!!

S. in Dallas

Dove said...

Silliness is wonderful I think and you know how silly I can be.

A good rule too, it basically means learn to be kind to and about yourself.


Miranda said...

Jim, that is a good question. I think I would take Jane Eyre, at least, and...well, I have no idea. Have to think about that. Maybe that could be a blog post...smiles.

Anonymous, the idea is quite silly, really but when you start thinking like that it is hard to stop.

Silly Dove said something not so silly...giggles. I think you should be kind to yourself. It is much harder than you may think.



Anonymous said...

KLSE: I think this a wonderful "rule" Miranda, if I may don my "expert" hat for a minute let me say that chosing one thing to concentrate on at a time is the best way to make a serious change. I have done this, (Kirsten gets the strap if she doesn't let her friends help her but tries to go everything by herself), and it has been very helpful.

Oh, and two books to take: "The Practical Guide to Shipbuilding" and "How to Find England in The Dark."

Silly! (KLSE, not TM, although I'd keep an eye on that Dove if I were you...these Strayans...blood rushing to their heads living upside down in all that sunlight...)

Love muchly NL,


Miranda said...

Dear KE,

Concentrating on one thing at a time is good, especially for girls with very small brains...chuckles. I am not very good with concentrating on many things at the same time so one rule is good.

To Find England in the Dark, could come in handy but honestly, do you really want to find England in the dark?



Jim said...

Do you like that scene, in Jane Eyre, where Mr Rochester sits Jane on his knee?

Miranda said...

Dear Jim, I like that scene but my favourite is when Jane speaks up about her feelings and Mr Rochester proposes to her. And especially in the BBC series. Ruth Wilson is so adorable and they capture the books so well.