Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I like the idea of rules, rules and punishments for breaking the rules. That should be rather obvious, knowing me...smiles. I think I am intrigued by the idea of a punishment being inevitable, something that has to be done. Something I have to endure.

Spanking among friends like Felicia and me...and our other friends in on it, has always been for fun. And for being a little naughty. I know what you are thinking and I don't mean it as a punishment for being naughty, rather that we want to be naughty doing it. I trust Felicia with my life and if you have read my blog you know she has the right to spank me whenever and wherever she wants. I have to say that would she do it too often in too public places I may consider that.

It is nothing wrong with that and it spices up my life, trust me...giggles. I don't want us to live in a kind of domestic discipline relationship. I don't want Felicia to be the head of the household (well actually, I wouldn't mind but it wouldn't work) or anything. It seems silly to think that she should tell me what is right and wrong and punish me for doing this and that. Some people have it like that, having someone spank them for speaking up or being angry or such things, or buying too much shoes or being bratty and things like that. Come on! We are friends, we nag at each other all the time and banter and rant and quarrel and hug and scream and shout and kiss and do all sorts of things that are...well, equal...or between friends and lovers and people that are level.

Felicia is stronger and more dominant than me but it would be daft to have her be the head of the household all the time or I would be some kind of slave or servant or anything. That wouldn't work and it would be silly. And again, I feel the need to point out that I am talking about us and not in general. I know people are perfectly happy living as slaves to one another and things like that and that is absolutely fine as long as they are happy with it. It wouldn't work for us, that is all I am saying.

I am still very attracted by the idea of having rules about what I should or shouldn't do and a punishment for breaking those rules. Like trying to have limits for me, that I should know what happened if I didn't do that or did this. Maybe it is just me wanting to feel a little submissive, like I want to bow to the rules, to the order of things, to her, to Felicia, my lovely red head.

Anyway, the punishment has to be harsh, something I really want to avoid. Like I get some whacks with the riding crop or the bath brush, something that really hurts.

what should the rules be about? It should be, perhaps, that I have chores, like doing things in the house at certain times. I know we share the responsibilities but perhaps I have to wash the dishes before a certain time or something like that. I think that would be interesting. To have to obey a rule. It may even improve me...giggles.

And I am talking with Felicia about this, of course. I wouldn't post this unless she knew my thoughts about it...Hm...maybe there could be rules about blogging.


Jim said...

You might try demerit points. It works like this: you each identify the minor, niggling, domestic faults of your partner; then you both agree how many demerit points that peccadillo deserves; and then you link the demerits to a certain number of smacks. For instance, my partner has the infuriating habit of ramming empty yoghurt pots into her coffee cup, the dashing off to work--leaving me the unpleasant task of extracting the sticky carton, prior ro loading the cup into the dishwasher.

These days, when that situation arises, my annoyance is blended with the satisfaction of knowing that, come the weekend, her thoughtlessness will have earned her at least 2 strokes of the cane---across her bare bottom!

Her biete noir is me leaving my shoes in the hallway, rather than in the cupboard set aside for them. That "crime" earns me 2 strokes of the cane, the following Sunday.

One week, each of of us had accumulated no less than 15 demerits--quite a Sunday roast, that day! x

Anonymous said...

CMH: Hi Miranda. This is very interesting for me thankyou for writing this. We don't have RULES in our house and my housemate and I spank for fun like you do. (Do you know who I am I live with KLSE). Certainly I think she should have rules about blogging but do we spank her for blooging or not blogging? I enjoy your stories, sorry about my rudeness about your cat a while back. Kiltygirl xx

Dove said...

Hmm, it sounds interesting and I like Jim's idea. That way you are both a little accountable.

However, perhaps you could look for rules on things that will make a difference or things you have a problem with.

For example, if you don't get the dishes done by a certain time they are harder to wash because the food crusts on them. Maybe you need to wash within an hour of dinner.

Perhaps if you have a problem with blogging or spend too much time on the computer (something we could all be punished for) then set a time to be off it or an amount of hours per day, that sort of thing.

There's any number of things you could do here but I know you will work it out and update us accordingly.


Miranda said...

Dear Jim, that may be a good idea. But I think it should be rules for me and not for Felicia. I don't know why but it seems better. And I am sure I would spoil the fun by following the rules.

Dear Kiltygirl, this rules thing is just an obsession of mine. We will not stop doing it for fun. And Bananas didn't care so why should I care. She is happy by the way, she was just fed.

Dear Dove, I think the rules about blogging should concern my sloppiness and that I have to blog more frequently.



amy said...
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