Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Cat, Christmas and Bath Brush

If Bananas wasn't such a cute lite cat I would consider spanking her. During this Christmas she has perfected the art of climbing Miranda's legs. As you may know, by now, Miranda is a skirt wearing girl and at home she doesn't always wear tights...or if she does they the name suggest, tight. Anyway, this means that Bananas has to put her claws in my legs when she is climbing them.

More than once when Miranda has been standing in the kitchen preparing something yummy Bananas has been there, curious as ever. She arrogantly survives her curiosity and often decides she wants to have a look and maybe eat some of what is being prepared. This means she has to climb to the work surface and that is easily done.

Christmas has been nice. We have done very little besides eating good food, watching tv and reading books. And, yes, Miranda did get her bottom warmed. Not as much as she may have desired but still. I got a Christmas spanking from Felicia. Isn't that nice?

And finally I found the thing to spank Felicia with. During the sale we went to Body Shop and I found a very menacing looking bath brush there. It is, I think, a little more than a foot long and it is very sturdy. I bought it and told her I was going to spank her with it. The strange thing was that she didn't protest. Not that I spanked her right away but she could have just laughed...or demanded to try it out on me or something. She just looked at me and nodded.

I am looking forward to this.


Dove said...

Happy New Year to you all.

This is sounding very interesting Miranda. A bath brush for Felicia, no less and her all Okey dokey about it. I think you are all set for fun in 2008.


Jessica said...

I love your blog! Very cool writing style.


jim said...

Happy New Year to all!

Judge Jim says:

A long-handled bath brush creates intense heat, when it is smacked across a seat. It is excellent for delivering a single, shocking, wallop when the opportunity is there e.g loved one leaning over the bath-tub. However, more prolonged use might leave her bottom, brutely, sore! But if that is your desire... (7 points)

Miranda said...

Dear Dove, ma'am, a very Happy New Year to you too. I am not sure she is really ok with it. I think she is putting up a brave face knowing that it is only fair I take it to her bottom some day...chuckles.

Dear Jessica, thank you for your comment. I like being cool, I really like that...smiles.

Dear Jim, I don't think I could live with a very sore Felicia. I do like the thought of some smacking of her lovely bottom though.



Anonymous said...

KLSE: Heya. Ooh that naughty cat, laddering your tights like that, (I presume this happens when she digs her claws in). I don't know about a spanking, but I have heard of "the nylon injection" being effective. On a she-cat? Only one way to find out. (Mrow!) May you and Felicia have a wonderful year of love and fun. It is apparently summer in Australia now, a good time to be warm and red "down under". I wish you and your bath brush all the very best! Oh NL, please say hello to NV, (Nice Viking), if you see her. ;-) Kx.

Miranda said...

Dear KLSE, thank you for your comments. I can tell you that Bananas would not look kindly upon any kinds of injections. She is a very proud cat. Isn't it horrible, that your bottom sticks out and gets cold in the winter? Warming it is definitely a good idea...chuckles. Just to let you know, this Naked Lesbian does not know any Nice Vikings.