Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Naughty, Naughty

Those of you who have read my blog know by now that Miranda can be a prude. For all the talk of knickers and nudity and spanking Miranda is a prude. She lives with a gorgeous red haired stunner and they are not just friends. They are lovers and they do it. But are there any naughty details...no, there isn't. I will not turn this blog into the sex blog of the Naked Lesbian (yes, I have been called that...giggles) and her Stunner Friend. No, but it struck me that I may be a little more honest about what this is all about, spanking and being with Felicia.

Maybe that is a rule for me. To tell you more honestly about what this is all about.

Alright, first thing, spanking is about sex. Or at least sexual feelings. Now I can see you all roll your eyes, sigh and say that Miranda is the most stupid person to have to say that...everyone knows that. The thing is that I know that but I forget it too. I was reminded yesterday.

Miranda blushes now. I will tell you what happened. I was in for a trip across Felicia's knee. It was nothing unusual about that. So there I was, skirt up and knickers down with my usual mix of dread and excitement. I was, kind of content that I was, at last, going to be spanked. I had longed for it for some days. I do long for it more when Felicia is busy and neglects me and the cat.

So, I got my dose with the hairbrush and I was beginning to wonder if this was really a good idea. I go through those stages and when Felicia lays on the hairbrush I tend to regret that I longed for it. Anyway, I was lying there when she was done, a little overcome with emotions but generally happy that it was over and that I had been spanked. Then it happened. Now I blush again. She touched me.

You know, when you are lying like that in someone's lap and especially when your knickers are down you are in a very vulnerable position. It is only for the spanker to reach out her hand and...well, touch you. And put her fingers in you. Miranda is blushing now, for real.

Don't think that we don't know how to touch each other. We do. We really do. But this was unexpected and I felt, how should I put it, both surprised and quite intimidated by it. Now, I blush again for I have to tell you this (I don't have to but I have decided I shall). I do, very much, enjoy being touched by Felicia. To some extent, that is what it is all about...or at least a very important part of it. So there I was, being touched and experiencing this mix of feelings.

But more than anything, I was terribly aroused. The thing is that I was like turning on a switch. Her touch was, really electrifying. I will not go into details but I can tell you that it included the taking off of clothes and being very naked on the sofa in our living room and cruelly ignoring a hungry cat for some time and it was very nice. Nice is like an understatement.

My point with this is that it brought it home to me how terribly arousing I find spankings. I tend to forget that. Usually it means, mostly, that Felicia cares for me and some fun we do together but in truth, it turns me on like few other things can do.

I haven't been able to let go of that thought and library work was a chore today as I was thinking of Felicia, her hairbrush and her finger and how very vulnerable you are when you are in someone's lap, like that.


Dave said...

what a sweetly written, lovely and sexy post. I love your matter-of-fact writing--I cant compare it to anything I've read anywhere else.

So yummy! you are both so blessed to have found each other.


Anonymous said...

Oh Miranda what a lovely post and I completely understand what you mean.

There is something about being over your spanker's knee, I have to admit of all the ways to be spanked it will always be my favourite. The position is a vulnerable one and is arousing. I think it's the direct connection of your body to theirs. Hmm, and when the hand wanders in between spanks. Yum!


Anonymous said...

KLSE: "Naked Lesbian", my goodness Miranda, who would ever be so rude as to call you that? I hope you reported them to someone stern for a well smacked bottom for that! I relly liked your entry here my small friend, I am embarrased to tell you the circuitous path that lead me to your blog tonight, but I was pleased to find this when I arrived. Spanking for me is not sexual, (I am a virgin, heterosexual woman, who is usually spanked by another girl), but it is certainly sensual: relaxing and comforting, loving most definitely. Fingers do NOT wander during my spankings, (and I give as good as I get, let me assure you), but of course I see how easy and "tempting" this might be. I have entirely enjoyed my visit here tonight NL, thank you very much!

Love, Kirsten Ellison.

Miranda said...

Dear Dave, that means I am unique...how great. Thank you ever so much for your support.

Dear Mina, it was, indeed, quite lovely although I was a little ashamed of writing about it. It is kind of private but I thought that I should try to be honest about it.

Dear Kirsten, I think we are far naughtier than you are. I do blush a little but it was very mice at the same time. Thanks for commenting.



marriedandsome said...

Well now it appears that you have made me want to have a sex change he he enjoy what you have it never lasts.....i think that that just touching is so sexual and loving and emotional its just great we do to little of it.