Monday, 7 January 2008


What else? Did you expect anything else from me? Anyway. Someone kindly pointed out that the bath brush is very brutal. I know that. Although our older bath brush, the one used on my bottom is slightly lighter than the new one I bought for Felicia, I know it can, as they put it, pack a punch. That is, it should never be used for lengthy wallopings of Miranda's bottom but at times, for, say, six of the best. I have no intention of harming my dear red head and when I hold the new brush in my hand I, kind of, regret buying it. I know it will hurt. At the same time am I intrigued by the idea of giving her, say four with it or something.

I have not blogged a lot of lately and that is because I haven't had much to report. This weekend there was a little skirt up and knickers down for poor Miranda. Nothing really bad but some hairbrush smacking. I kind of liked it. I had waited a while for it so it was most welcome. The thing is that I tend to regret feeling like that quite soon. The smacking was soon done so the real ordeal was not that bad. The ensuing warmth in my bottom was very nice indeed.

Am I starting to sound like the real spanko now? I am not sure I ever will enjoy the spanking as such but everything around it makes me excited. Anyway, I enjoyed it, Saturday evening, I can tell you and I think Felicia did that too.

The thing is that I am becoming a real pervert (please take this from the light side, I don't mean to be judgemental about people who really enjoy this...believe me, that would be the last thing I would want to be). I have this idea that I could do with some really bad punishments for being sloppy and such. The idea thrills me and maybe it's because it is very far from how we live.

We are very...equal. We share everything, including each other, giggles. Still I have this idea about being smacked for not doing what I should, like blogging or things like that. I know you readers would like that.

We have talked a little about having rules, for me and consequences for breaking them. It sounds rather daft in our modern day world but I kind of like the idea. Felicia is more reluctant but we do talk about it.

Anyway, I am still waiting for a good opportunity to use my new bath brush. Felicia will not like it.


Anonymous said...

If you consider yourself a "pervert", where does that leave the rest of us that enjoy reading your blog? Welcome to the Spanko World!

S. in Dallas

Dove said...

Hmm...a bit of domestic discipline perhaps Miranda? I'm sure Felicia could find something you need help with. Dishes perhaps?


Miranda said...

Dear S, take it easy! It's just a word and I talked about how I feel, nothing more.

Dear Dove, I kind of like the idea of a harsh punishment awaiting poor Miranda if she is late with the dishes.