Friday, 18 January 2008

Silly Rules

I asked Miranda to post something on her blog and she kindly accepted. No, I did not threaten to not spank her this evening if I wasn't allowed. Not very much, anyway.

I want to say a word about rules. I think the idea is quite silly. There is a number of reasons for that. Firstly I don't think I have the right to set up rules for Miranda and then punish her for breaking them. I am as sloppy as she is and as much a scatter brain as she is and I am far meaner than she is, so what remains?

Secondly, it wouldn't work. If I set up rules and spank Miranda when she breaks them she would just follow the rules and there would be no spankings. That would be boring and it makes no sense to have silly rules that she breaks just because she wants me to spank her. No, I prefer to do it on a voluntary basis.

Thirdly, the question about improving her character. I don't think that is a very good idea. Who am I to try to make her more humble or obedient? I have to tell you that there are few people I have met that are kinder and more considerate and humble than Miranda. I am a pompous and arrogant witch compared to her. And I don't want her to be obedient. I want her to be herself. I love her the way she is so I don't want her to change.

I know I am ranting and that this is Miranda's blog but I wanted to tell you what I think about her ideas. Still I know that this is something she has been thinking a lot about and that it means something to her. We will figure something out and I am not going to stubbornly refuse to do what she wants. Still I think the idea is silly but I think a person like Miranda has the right to be a little silly. We all have, come to think of it.

Anyway, I don't really have time for this blogging. I have a hairbrush by my side that is gathering dust and there is a very sweet little bottom not far away that needs some attention. Have a lovely weekend!


Jessica said...

Felicia and Miranda,
My husband and I spank for "fun" and we do not follow rules or use discipline. We pretend that I am naughty during a spanking but the transgressions are usually vague. The only rule that started out as a joke is that whenever my 3 year old says the f word I get 20 spanks. This is more of an excuse to play than anything else but we both know that my kids learn their naughty language from me. Oops!


Jim said...

We, also, reject any necessary comnnection between spanking and social dominance. The parallel we like to point to is tickling.

Many individuals enjoy being tickled, for others it is simply unbearable. Some are extremely ticklish, others--seemingly--not at all. One doesn't have to be ticklish to enjoy the experience of tickling someone who is.

Where spanking differs from tickling is in the former's history as an instrument of pedagogy. Learning multiplication tables, with the threat of the slipper looming over one's backside, for any mistake, used to be a common experience (in the UK, at least).

Jim, who was a bright boy, easily mastered the 'times tables'. His fatal flaw was a leaky fountain pen. The sight of a spreading inkblot still evokes the desire to push an excercise book down the seat of his trousers.

Joni recalls that, at her R.C. boarding school, no matter how well-behaved she tried to be, transgression of the petty rules was unavoidable:

'You knew you were going to be caned, every now and then, and there was nothing you could do about it.'

The bitter-sweet anticipation, of an inevitable punishment, is still something we both quite like. It is a convivial supplement to the other, erotic/phallic, spankings we regularly use in our love-making.

Joni no longer puts full cardboard boxes, topped with orange peel, into tiny waste-baskets. However, this morning, she was up early---waiting for a taxi to the station. She was going, with her girlfriends, to Oxford (of all places)to shop and sup. The taxi arrived earlier than booked. As Joni hurried out of the hall, she shouted:

' I've not had time to clear away my breakfast things, sorry!'

Sure enough, there on the table, by the the computer, was an empty coffee cup and an Activia carton-- less irksome than leaving the carton stuffed inside the cup. Nevertheless, tomorrow morning, prior to brunch, Joni will be sitting on a chair outside my study.

After browsing the Observer, I shall call her in. Due to the mitigating circumstances, on this occasion 2 strokes of the cane will be delivered to the seat of whatever knickers she has chosen to wear(only 1 pair though!). Let me tell you, she won't be sitting comfortably for brunch!

For weeks now, Jim has not left his shoes out in the hall. Now that one seems solved, we shall have to identify some other peccadillo, in need of correction.

Anonymous said...

sorry but just a quick question was that a picture of maranda in last post xxxxxxxxxxx

Dove said...

*giggles* We are so desperate to see the lovely Miranda. Though I'm a bit curious about the stunning Felicia too.

I see your point Felicia but maybe you can get Miranda to make up the rules and you merely enforce them that way it is not your will trying to make her change.

Have fun.

Miranda said...

Felicia speaking:

Dear Jessica, I also think it is fun, tremendously much fun. That is really my point. We are not much for roleplay though. Have to figure something out. Thank you for your comment.

Dear Jim, I read your description and was fascinated. I think Miranda has got some strange ideas in her head. I think, perhaps a good spanking may make her think otherwise.

Dear Anonymous, No it is not Miranda. She does that from time to time, put images up and pretend it is her. I have spanked her for it before and will do it again.

Dear Dove, That may be a way out of this. She decided the rules and I do the smacking. Not bad at all.

Kind regards


Alyx said...

I think it's sometimes the trickiest part of a relationship, trying to balance your desires and preferences. Especially when it comes to discipline play, because people have such specific things which turn them on. The nicest fit is when no one has to feel uncomfortable about what they're doing, but it's pretty rare to find a perfect fit.

I don't think that Miranda would ever think you consider her inferior and in need of rules, she just likes the idea of being accountable to someone, especially if that someone is her lover. On the other hand, if it makes you feel like you're being a dictator, that's not much fun for you.

Could you maybe work out some "rules" which you know are all in fun? Maybe some things that Miranda really wants to work on (e.g., procrastination, taking better care of herself, etc.), but which is really just an excuse for you to punish her? If you keep it general, she won't always know when you will "enforce" it, and it will feel more to her like you're setting the boundaries. But since you both agreed on it, it's not really all your responsibility. If you could get into the spirit of thinking it's just another way to give her what she most desires, rather than you deciding how she should act (which neither of you really wants), it might be easier for you.

On the other hand, Miranda could also make sure it's restricted to distinct "play times," so you don't start to feel like it's taking over, and you're expected to "be in charge" 24/7. If at other times you're both acting like the very equal partners you are, it's much more reassuring. Or you could even have some rules for Felicia as well, if that feels more even. (Though obviously we know who will be spanked most often! *bg*)

It's clear that you both love each other, respect each other, and are committed to making each other happy. Plus you take the time to communicate, which is vital. So I've no doubt you'll find a solution that satisfies you both. But thanks for sharing all your thoughts on's interesting to hear how couples deal with these issues.

Jim said...

I would quite like to see picturesd of Miranda & Felicia. However, it is very sensible of them to want to preserve their anonymity. The internet is a great big carnival and its masks are the enablers of unconditional desire. For me, the avatars are more exciting than photographic misrepresentations.

Miranda said...

This is Miranda, again...

Dear Alyx, It can be a little tricky at times and what you say makes a lot of sense. I think I need to think about what I really want and that is not such a bad idea, come to think of it.

Dear Jim, Forgive me for my immense silliness when it comes to pictures. Felicia has promised to smack my bottom thoroughly for pretending to put up pictures of her and me. Sorry...



amy said...
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