Thursday, 13 August 2009

Learning the Ropes

The love of my life, the fiery redhead has developed a certain interest in ropes and other fetters. Not just as such but on me. I kind of like that but I have always been more of a spanking and embarrassing nudity girl. But who could deny such a person as my Felicia?

We aren't really hardcore when it comes to kink, far from it, but now Felicia has started looking at pictures of tied up women and finds it very interesting. She is something of a purist when it comes to ropes and thinks too elaborate things are just silly. She says that ropes should look good on a girl. That's how she says it, 'a girl'. As if I was just a girl...hmppff.

She has bought some rather soft and nice looking ropes and on Sunday she was keen on trying them on. That is, trying them on me.

Around noon she told me she wanted naked lunch. Naked lunch means having lunch while I am naked. It is kind of flattering that she wants to see me naked. It really boosts my confidence. So there I was stripping off preparing to go into the kitchen to cook for us.

Felicia wasn't satisfied and pulled out her ropes. She tied a length of it around my knees and then she got another of her new things, a rather long wooden spoon. She gave me a couple of really hard smacks on my bottom to send me off to work.

You feel kind of silly walking around with a rope around your knees. You have to take very short steps and you know you are making a fool of yourself. It doesn't help being naked and I am sure you look even sillier trying to get away from a grinning redhead with a wooden spoon.

Luckily our kitchen is small so it wasn't that hard to cook. Felicia made visits now and then with her wooden spoon to make sure my bottom wasn't unattended. That spoon is evil. It really hurts. And it brings out the devil in evil red haired woman. Every time she smacked me she gave me two or three smacks, five at the most but they were really hard ones. So hard that I don't think I would fancy a real spanking with that kind of smacks.

But when she gives them quick and hard it is easier, in a way. Still they smart a lot afterwards.

Enough of that. We enjoyed our naked lunch, although my sitting down was a tad awkward.

Felicia is very enthusiastic about ropes and want to do it more. As I said, I haven't thought about it a lot but I kind of like the idea of being helpless, at least being at the mercy of evil redhead woman.

She showed me a picture of the infamous crotch rope. I guess you all know what it is. I told her it looked silly and that since I am so ugly as I am it would look even worse.

She actually spanked me for saying I was ugly.


Angie said...

Oh, I think you'll find you like that rope passing between and up.

And there are so many simple things that can be done, such as fastening you in place over a favorite piece of furniture, or when you are kneeling fanny high and head down, with your wrists fastened to your ankles, or....

Miranda said...

Dear Angie, I am intrigued by ropes but I do find it a little embarrassing...maybe with a lot of practise...smiles. And I gather that is American fanny that is up when you are kneeling, otherwise it sounds very uncomfortable.



Mina said...

Dearest Tiny one, I read your latest post but had to take a step back and read this one as well to find out what Felicia is up to with these ropes.

She is having fun by the sounds of it and I bet you secretly love the attention, even if it is silly at times.

Hello Bananas. *pats*


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, she is such an ingenious woman.



PS. Bananas says 'puuurrrr'.