Wednesday, 2 May 2007


This week, so far, has been quite boring. I have very little to tell you. I think I will blog about my thoughts instead.

My posting about Felicia spanking me because she was angry and disappointed with me triggered some comments from you and that was good. It was suggested that we could try out rules that clearly stated what kind of conduct merited a spanking.

The thought of spanking as a punishment is not far from my thoughts, although I feel that it has a different kind function in our lives. Spanking is something we do together because we enjoy it (I know that enjoy is not the best word for it but because it is something we like doing). At the moment I am intrigued by the thought of being spanked as a punishment. I have always thought about it like that but it has very seldom been like that between us.

But I am not sure having rules will work. Felicia is not a kind of person to decide rules for me. She always says she loves me the way I am and slowly I am beginning to believe that. She doesn't want to change me. We went to a concert with the Waterboys yesterday and they sang 'she tried to hold me, she didn't know, love is letting go.' The thing is that I think Felicia knows that and has known that for a long time.

Ok, rules can be agreed upon. But if there were rules and I was to be punished if I broke them, then I would, simply, not break them. I am that kind of person (boring and not very naughty). If I know I shouldn't do a certain thing I won't do it. Most of the time, anyway.

Ah, you may say, then break them to be punished! That is very tempting but won't that be a kind of game? If I want to be punished I break rules. And Felicia doesn't need a reason to spank me so I get that anyway.

Rules work only, I think, if the punishment is really something I will not enjoy, something truly bad. But then I would have another reason not to break the rules and there would be no punishments. That is boring. I want Felicia to spank me and she wants to spank me so rules and horrible punishments seem to be not for us.

I can't get the idea of being spanked as a punishment out of my head. I like the idea even if I have spent this blog entry arguing against it. I will speak to Felicia about this. She won't like it. She will shake her head and tell me that she don't like finding faults in me and punishing me for it. She is very sweet.

I have another idea and that is to ask Felicia to write here about why she likes spanking. Isn't that a brilliant idea?


Claire~ said...

That's a fabulous idea! it would be a very interesting read, no doubt. Punishments are an intriguing idea but your arguments against it make so much sense, really. I'm a very inexperienced person so I have no cool advice on ho to balance the multifaceted-ness of spankings. Oh well, I really do love your blog.

Dave said...

I"m a pseudo-newbie when it comes to a lot of this stuff as well. Be that as it may, I'm sure hearing from Felicia would be most intriguing.

hi to Bananas the cat!

"the cherry red report"

Miranda said...

Great, I will talk to Felicia about it, then...Thanks for your comments. I am pleased that you like my rantings. Sometimes I think too much, I must say but sometimes it is good.

Anonymous said...

A great post, as usual! Have you ever considered role play? Then you can pretend to be naughty and breaking rules without actually doing that.

Again, just a suggestion. It sounds like you two are working things out on your own very well. :)

Miranda said...

Hm, roleplaying...could be a thought. We are silly enough for doing that. When I say silly I mean that we have enough silly ideas to do that. I don't really want to be naughty though...

Dave said...

is Bananas the cat available for interviews? It would be pawsitively fascinating.

Enjoying your blog as always,