Wednesday, 30 May 2007

At Last...

Sorry for taking so long for this post. Friday I told you about not getting a spanking while expecting one and how disappointed I was. Friday went by without anything either and now I was getting frustrated. I don't usually think of myself as a girl who 'need' spankings or crave them for this or that reason but Friday was annoying, really. I went to be and had a hard time falling asleep.

Things were to change during Saturday, though. Felicia awoke before me and I heard her walk around the flat but did not take much notice until she returned to our bedroom. I am a very shy girl (really, I am) but I tend to sleep without much clothes on so you could say I was quite exposed as Felicia pulled the sheets from me. I was barely awake as she ordered me onto her lap as she sat down on the bed. She was already armed with the hairbrush. So there was poor Miranda, in the buff, across her friend's lap, barely awake, receiving a morning spanking.

It wasn't too bad, it stung but she was gentle with me, soft start and all that. She told me this was the beginning of a Spanking Day.

I had been wanting a spanking but now I was taken by surprise. And the declaration of a Spanking Day meant that there was more to come.

Anyway, we had breakfast and a lazy morning and it was not until noon as we set off for town she ordered, skirt up and knickers down for a dose of the belt. The belt just before shopping. That was cruel!

Hm, my bottom was, a little sensitive as we went shopping and treated ourselves to lunch. Still I was, how should I put it, relieved that Felicia wanted to spank me again. That was the most important feeling I had, that I was happy that she wanted to spank me. Not that I doubted her or anything but I felt it as a token of her affection and I needed that.

Spanking Day did not continue immediately we got home. We had tea and read the paper and such. We are quite boring, really. But later that afternoon, Felicia decided that it was to commence. She ordered me to get the ruler, her much loved ruler.

This time it was not her lap for me but rather kneeling on a chair. Anyway my skirt kept falling down so she ordered me to take it off completely. When I was doing that she thought, 'what the heck, take it all off!' So there I was, stripping off everything before kneeling on the chair for a dose of the ruler.

The ruler stings, I can tell you that but for some reason I was really happy while she smacked me. I am not always happy while being spanked. My sense of wanting it, is more about she wanting to smack me and everything around it but this time I liked her taking the ruler to my bottom.

She saw that the ruler made me excited so she told me not to dress again afterwards. So there was poor Miranda, cooking dinner without a single item of clothing. It was not the first time this happened, as you know, but it is still, kind of, special.

We had our dinner and I washed the dishes, still naked. After dinner Spanking Day was to continue.

So for the fourth time this day Miranda found herself in a very vulnerable position. This time back over Felicia's lap. This time it was the hairbrush. And no, Miranda was not allowed to dress.

Anyone who has been over a knee like this and getting her bottom warmed knows that time is not easy to estimate. What I am trying to say is that I don't think she, really, spanked me for two hours but it felt like that. She did spank me for a long while, though. My bottom was already sensitive but she kept on smacking it with abandon for a long time. It felt like she kept on for ages.

I was strangely happy as she did it although the discomfort of it was soon overwhelming. Felicia is good at this. She knows exactly how I feel and can keep me on the edge of what I can endure, so it became as much a test of her skill as of my endurance.

She finished the whole thing off with the dreaded bath brush. That was brutal and Miranda started to cry. That felt strangely good, though, like I wanted to cry and needed to cry.

Then she tried something new. Everybody talk about corner time but that is usually not our thing, Until now, that is. I had to stand in the corner not allowed to rub my bottom. You know how it is supposed to be! That was hard and made me more annoyed than all of the smacks put together.

Spanking Day was not over yet. Over the knee again and the wooden spatula. It was not too bad, it is very light but on tender skin it is quite efficient.

Spanking Day was soon to be over but before that Miranda had to kneel on the chair again for an encounter with the dreaded riding crop. As you can imagine her bottom was in a mess at this stage so Felicia hesitated.

It is good that she has so determined friends. I told her to get on with it and she gave me twenty of her best. Twenty, that is quite a lot. And her best is really good. Felicia is not a weak girl, she is small but not weak.

Of all the day's smacking and whacking this was the ordeal to remember. Miranda was in tears again. It is a very special sensation when someone you love and trust just has delivered a stinging, excruciatingly painful blow to your bottom, something you don't think you can endure and you know that there are nineteen more to come. You want to run, to flee and you need all your determination and strength to stay.

I stayed and I took it all and I was proud and I sensed that Felicia was proud of me too. Although my bottom was really like a rainbow of colours and felt almost numb and I was in a sorry state, the evening ended in a sense of bliss. Felicia put some lotion on my bum which was almost as painful as being spanked. She was a little taken aback by the state of my bottom but I reassured her that it was alright.

The rest of the evening poor naked Miranda spent lying on her belly in our sofa watching telly with her dear friend, being treated to lotion on her bum, tea and scones with clotted cream. A good day, really.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible day for you! Gotta love those morning spankings! What better way to start the day. :)

Unknown said...
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Dave said...

Spanking Day should be a national holiday, in the USA i mean :-) Sounds like you were sleeping on your tummy on spanking day...

keep up the great blog--it's unique and fresh yet sexy and cool.

warmest regards,

Miranda said...

Thank you, it was a bum warming experience, indeed. But the soreness that comes afterwards reminds me of the fact that I am loved by the most gorgeous woman in the world.