Monday, 21 May 2007

Long Weekend

This was, indeed, a memorable weekend. If you have read my earlier blog entries then you know that our best friends Kate and Fiona were going to visit. And they did. They arrived on Friday night and it was lovely to see them.

Short description of friends. Fiona is a lovely girl. The most beautiful of us all. She is a redhead as Felicia (names beginning with F, red hair...could there be a connection?). She is taller than us all (but we are all quite short) and has a lovely slim body. She dresses in skirts and colourful tops and is far more flamboyant than any of us. Kate is a bit like Fiona but she is a little shorter. She is a pretty brunette. She used to be this tomboy character when we were younger but she has grown into being quite a girl. Kate is a skirt girl as well but prefers red and black, a little like me, although she is far more expressive than I am.

Anyway, we headed for the pub and got a table. We had a lot to catch up on so there were some pints, some wine and a lot of giggle. You know how girls are. They were as happy to see us as we were to see them.

Kate had bought me a present which she gave me at the table. I had to blush. The gift was wrapped in paper and I had to open it there and then. It was a very big and sturdy brush, wooden and with a flat surface. It had a lovely red ribbon which made it look very pretty but it didn't not hide its purpose. I felt as if everyone in the pub knew what it was for and that everyone knew that Miranda was going to be acquainted with that brush very soon.

Back at out place there was a general demand for the gift to be put to good use. You know Tiny Miranda by now and you know she cannot deny her friends anything. I asked Kate to go first. After all it was her gift.

We have known each other long enough to not be too embarrassed about this things so soon I found myself, skirt up and knickers down over Kate's knees. Kate has a very strong arm, I have to say, and I had forgotten how good she is at this. She promptly reminded me.

It is strange to be spanked in that kind of environment. For some reason I try my best not to give in to the pain and scream and cry and such, when there is an audience. Kate is good and she forced me, almost, to tears. Well, there were some but I didn't completely lose my composure. I was a bit scared I would because I knew that there was more to come.

Then when I stood up and Fiona sat down where Kate had been sitting I was suddenly extremely embarrassed. Everyone was watching and there I was lifting my skirt, knickers around my knees. It is quite humiliating and for a second I almost wanted to run away.

I didn't and Fiona spanked me. She is far meeker than Kate. I think she prefers to be at the receiving end, just like me, but she smacked along anyway. My bottom was tender at that stage so there was no relief.

Then came Felicia. She knows me and she knows how to spank. I dreaded her at that moment. But I am very obedient when it comes to that. I felt more secure with her and dared to cry out as she smacked me. It was a good feeling and both Kate and Fiona seemed quite touched by it. They didn't mock me or anything, not even friendly.

We sat and talked afterwards and had some more wine and the evening ended very nicely. My bottom was warm and the wine made me even warmer and my friends made this night a lovely night.

I was still a little sore next morning. Kate and Fiona shared a room (or the other room, we don't have that many) but were polite enough to say that they had slept well. We had lunch in town and did some shopping but I won't bore you with details of that.

Come afternoon and dinner. It is like evenings bring out the naughtiness in my friends. Felicia volunteered me to cook for us and I curtsied and said I was happy to. That was not enough, however, for they decided to make things 'interesting' for poor Miranda. I heard them giggling and whispering as I went into the kitchen and I knew they were planning something.

They all came in to the kitchen and told me that they had decided that I should be cooking in my red bikini. The way they told it made me almost angry. They giggled and smiled and seemed very pleased with themselves. I told them how silly they were but they didn't budge.

So, meek, stupid and kind Miranda changed to her very tiny red bikini. They cheered as I entered the room and giggled. That was mean. I felt really humiliated.

So there I was cooking in my bikini. This is not unknown in our household but with guests! I was a little vexed. My friends seemed to enjoy it, though, as I waited on them. They even pinched my bottom like I was some waitress in a rowdy bar.

My light dress gave them ideas. They decided to inspect the result from last night which was quite easy in my state of dress. It turned out that the spanking was not that bad and my bottom was in a condition that called for some more attention.

Now Miranda has to make a confession. Standing there and being examined and hearing them decide that there would be more spanking made her quite excited. That is embarrassing.

Fiona wore a broad leather belt around her hips they thought would be an interesting implement to try out. I was a little scared at that because I know the belt can be quite powerful. Anyway, they decided to take turns and have a go.

For some reason they decided that poor Miranda should take her top off before kneeling on the chair. I was really embarrassed at that time. I have been naked with them before and we are not, regularly embarrassed about that but standing there among them clad only in my bikini knickers made me blush and I mean, really, blush.

Well, kneeling on the chair my knickers were pulled down to my knees and Fiona stepped up armed with her belt. She laid it on with some vigour and it hurt. Although it was heavy it was quite broad and didn't hurt as much as I had expected.

Felicia was next and she was very kind to me, this time and smacked me just a little. Kate followed and she has, as I said, a very strong arm. She didn't belt me that long but she was by far the best (or worst, depending on how you see it).

My bottom had turned red at that stage and strangely enough I wasn't that sad as they told me not to put on my knickers. I spent the rest of the evening in the nude. I wasn't too happy sitting down so I was almost relieved when I had to go and get wine and crisps from the kitchen.

Being naked among your clad friends is really quite embarrassing but they are such good friends and I know, in my heart, that they all love me in their own ways. I feel safe and secure with them so it is easier to be the naked and obedient Miranda with them. There is no shame in it and I actually enjoy it. It is like a game we play and a good game it is.

But there was some entertainment to be had for our lovely friends as well. Both Kate and Fiona had to kneel on the chair, skirt up and knickers down to receive a dose with the belt. Delivered by, none other than, Tiny Miranda. However humiliating for them to lower their knickers it seems to be part of the game that they were not as naked as Miranda herself.

I wrote 'had to kneel' but they were more than willing to do that. I smacked them with the belt and I have to admit that I am not very good with it. Still I got in some good smacks and I left some nice marks. Felicia helped a little with my new brush and everyone seemed happy. There was something with Fiona that made me think that she really had longed for it and for a second I felt sad for her and wished that I could smack her more. That was, indeed, a strange feeling.

Felicia enjoyed my performance as well so we had a very good moment in bed later, before falling asleep but that is, really, another story.

Sunday morning and Fiona and Kate were leaving. It was a sad moment but it had been good having them there. We had breakfast and a lazy morning before having lunch. No embarrassment for Miranda, though.

But Felicia had something up her sleeve. Before we all left for the station she brought out the dreaded riding crop and said that having friends come visiting was one of those special moments that had to be celebrated. Her decision was to celebrate it with six of the best.

Six of the best in this context means six times two friends equals twelve on an already sore bottom. So, again, it was skirt up and knickers down for poor Miranda and six of the best with the riding crop. Fiona almost refused when she saw how red my bottom was and I had to tell her to go on before she could muster her strength.

Although Fiona is kind of soft, six of the best stung. They stung like hell and for the third time this weekend Miranda's bottom was on fire. Don't think Kate is mean or anything just because I tell you that she has less scruples when it comes to whipping Miranda! She laid it on with vigour and I was happy it was not more than six.

We went with them to the station and waited for the train with them. My bum was really on fire and it felt like it would show through my skirt and all people at the station would know that Miranda had got a dose of the riding crop. Strangely enough this made me feel special, ashamed but special.

We said our goodbyes and Felicia and me went home. She put an arm around my shoulders and I felt very loved at that moment. My bottom was warm and it felt as if all the love and affection that I feel for my friends and they feel for me was warming my bottom. I walked home in a state of bliss. It is good to have lovely friends and the fact that Felicia promised me to treat my bottom, not with a brush, but with some lotion, didn't diminish that sense of bliss.


Naughty Princess said...

What a lovely weekend! I very much enjoy reading your blog - I hope you'll visit mine.

Dave said...

wow! That is about a zillion times more exciting than my weekend!

Thanks for sharing with us.
Kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an incredible weekend!

Miranda said...

Thank you ever so much for your comments. But lovely is not a word my bum would use at the moment (if my bum could speak). In fact, we both (my bum and me) almost prefer to have a boring weekend from time to time. But it was great to meet our friends, and it was, kind of, fun to be spanked that much. Hard to sit down now, though...