Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Back to Normal

I am sorry I have waited so long for this posting and I do apologise. The thing is that we have been a little busy and upset and all that. What happened last Thursday was a bit upsetting and some of you have left very sweet and lovely comments on my last posting.

It was a little strange what happened and it made Felicia upset and some other people upset. The blog comments seemed to be concerned, at least. I am the one least upset of all, it seems. I can assure you that I trust Felicia with my life. There is not one person in this world I trust more. I know she would never, ever, harm me.

We talked things through, more than once, during the weekend. Felicia still feels bad about being angry with me. I think she is as concerned about being angry as about spanking me. I have tried and I think succeeded in telling her that I am fine and I am not scared or hurt or offended or angry. I think she knows now.

And now for something (almost) completely different. Things went back to normal on Sunday. Felicia had to go to her department, she has a deadline on Tuesday. I felt strangely disappointed and abandoned by her leaving me. I wandered through our flat like some lost soul not knowing what to do.

She sent me an SMS at three o'clock telling me she was on her way home. But it was not just to tell me that. She told me she would treat my bottom when she got home. She even gave me instructions. She told me to bring out the hairbrush and the dreaded belt and put them on the table. She then told me to take off my skirt and knickers and wait for her. Can you imagine that? I was to walk around with a bare bottom waiting for her to come home and spank me. She is an ingenious woman.

Miranda is a bit weird because she was quite excited. When I had done as she told me I almost jumped up and down and chanted, 'there will be spanking tonight', like the virgins in the film Holy Grail (Monty Python). Bananas was quite excited too.

Times is slow when you are waiting for a spanking. I was excited but you know how it is. It is kind of scary as well. And being half naked makes it real for you in a very special way.

Felicia took one hour to get home. How horrible is that? And when she finally arrived I hugged her like mad and forgot that I had very little clothes on. When I felt her against my, hm, nether regions I blushed and was, really, quite embarrassed and excited.

She had me wait a little longer while she prepared. She wanted me to make some tea and so I did. I did felt like some very tiny servant girl or slave walking around with no knickers on.

At last I had to kneel on the chair and she warmed my bottom with the hairbrush. I was so excited at that moment that it took some time for me to realise what was happening. I was being spanked.

My bottom was far warmer then when she said she would move on to the belt. I was quite into the mood then and almost looked forward to it. That is kind of strange that I look forward to something I am scared of.

She gave me quite a dose of the belt and I am such a wimp. It hurt but in a way I was happy because I knew that Felicia was no longer feeling guilty for punishing me last Thursday.

The mean, cruel Felicia didn't allow poor Tiny Miranda to put her knickers back on but had her spend the evening without them. Lucky for her no one came to visit. It is a very special feeling sitting and watching tv while your bottom is very naked and very warm. Still the Sunday evening was spent in a sense of bliss. That sounds kind of weird but I was quite happy.


Dave said...

You appear to end up 'knicker-less' quite often it seems ;))

great blog posts as always!

warmest regards,
"the cherry red report"

Miranda said...

Knickers are for taking off, as someone said. Well, I guess that is what happens when you live with someone who prefers you without them. Anyway, blushing Miranda is not completely displeased...