Friday, 11 May 2007


Fantasies are one thing and reality one. Or is it? I mean, when we started this spanking thing we talked a lot about our fantasies. It was all about princesses and knights and castles and silly thing. Not all about that because there was this fascination with other things as well. You know, even the grandest castle has a dungeon and in a dungeon there are torture devices. You could say that there was a darker side to our childish imagination.

What am I trying to say? We talked a lot about horrible things like torture and whippings and such. So that were our fantasies. And it was because of that we tried spanking. It seemed a doable thing and exciting as well. So what became our reality came from our fantasies.

But there is a difference. My imagination and Felicia's are far more, how should I put it, over the top than our reality. I have always had this fascination with whipping posts and imagine it would be exciting and fascinating to be tied to one. It is almost something heroic about it. I am tied there, naked and exposed to the cruel whip in the hands of my tormentor (Felicia). In some silly way that would be quite romantic.

We have no plans for getting a whipping post and I have no desire to be put on the rack or something horrible and exciting like that. Still my mind like to think about horrible things.

I suppose we could try the whipping post but my point is that it is nice to indulge in a little spanking from time to time without having to realise the really brutal parts of our fantasies. They are fantasies after all and not the reality. And I am quite happy for that.


Anonymous said...

I guess that's why they call them fantasies. If they're between two people who trust and care about each other they're not as brutal as they may look to an outsider.

Besides, if you wanted to, you could buy a toy that looks mean but really isn't. I have a flogger that is almost impossible to hurt someone with, but the sound and the sensation is quite exciting.

Miranda said...

Hm...interesting idea. I like the idea of developing the fun side of it. I am silly as it is already so it will be easy...